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During the exercise the team forms groups of three.
Each trio decides who will be person A, B and C.
The participants will practise to talk without filler words and uh.
Person A begins to tell a story to person B about something he would like to achieve within the team.
When he says 'uh' or uses a filler word person C will clap his hands.
Filler words are words which are used to fill up sentences.
For example: 'you know', 'like', 'actually' and 'totally'.
Repeating a word will also count as a filler word.
For example: I, I, I work here over ten years.
Person A starts telling:
What I actually want to achieve..Clap
Person C claps his hands. 'Actually' is a filler word.
Person A continues:
What I would like to see within the team is that we give each other uhhh.. Clap
You said: 'Uh'.
What I would like to see within the team is that we give each other more personal space.
We should actually should do.. Clap
You said 'actually'.
We should approach each other in a more relaxed way.
Go on like this for a minute and change the roles.
Now person B tells to person C what he would like to achieve within the team.
It would be great if we work more efficient. Than than we will get......Clap
You said two times the word 'than'.
Than we will gain more energy within the group you know......Clap
'You know' are filler words.
And we can achieve more energy within the team.
Go on like this for 1 minute and the roles will be switched.
Person C now tells to person A.
What I would like to achieve,.. Well......Clap
'Well' is a filler word.
What I would like to achieve is uhmm.....Clap
You said: 'uhmm'.
What I would like to achieve is that we laugh more often.
This way we feel more comfortable and you know,.. Clap
'You know' are filler words.
And that will improve our workflow.
Go on like this for 1 minute.
The team will sit in a circle and evaluates the exercise.
Was it difficult to tell a story without using filler words?
Did it help being noticed while doing so?
Did the message come through more powerful if there where no filler words in a sentence?
The trainer guides the team and applies variations to the exercise.
What kind of variations you can read below this video on Youtube.
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How to stop using filler words - Team Exercise #66

130 Folder Collection
phoebe2345 published on April 16, 2018
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