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  • Networking for shy people.

  • I remember one of my very first networking situations, I basically went and hid.

  • I mean, I wasn't wrapped up in a curtain in the corner or anything, but I didn't talk to anybody, and it was total waste of time.

  • But now that I've learned a few bits and pieces and gotten used to it.

  • I have much richer experience of networking and it definitely pays off.

  • I know it's a little bit awkward, but it's absolutely worth it.

  • You might meet someone who can help you directly, or you might meet someone who can connect to someone in their network.

  • So for example, I remember going to an event and meeting a podiatrist, and he was able to introduce me to the Australian editor of Harper's Bazaar.

  • I mean that was so unexpected and cool.

  • So I put together a bunch of tipsthings that I've learnt over the years that might help you in networking.

  • Tip 1: Introduce Yourself.

  • I know that seems super obvious, but it is a bit of a weird social situation.

  • So if I walk into a room, and there's a group of people, what I tend to do, is walk up to them and just say, "Hi, do you mind if I join you?"

  • And of course they will welcome you.

  • Be friendly, don't just get straight into business.

  • Ask how their day's been, and then that next question can be "So tell me what you do?"

  • And they've introduced yourself, and it's pretty easygoing.

  • On the flip side, if you're in the group of people and you see someone standing by themselves, then invite them into your group.

  • That way, you've done something really nice to them actually cause it's, you know, they're obviously experiencing a bit of awkwardness.

  • And secondly, you've met another person.

  • Tip 2 is short conversations.

  • So, nobody is going to think that you're rude at all for having a short conversation.

  • I mean, don't be abrupt, but look, you're not there to lock in and become best friends and all that sort of stuff.

  • That might happen in the future, but definitely at this event, you're there to make lots and lots of connections.

  • So have like short meaningful conversations and keep going.

  • Tip 3: Business Cards.

  • Don't forget to take your business cards with you.

  • I've totally done this before it's huge pain in the butt.

  • Also, to anyone whose business card you get, make sure e-mail them within 24 hours.

  • This is for both of you.

  • So for you, so you remember, you know, why you made that connection.

  • Secondly, you're still fresh in their mind.

  • And thirdly, so that when you do inevitably lose the business card, you'll have their details logged somewhere.

  • So look, I really hope that these tips have helped you, and I would love to hear your tips as well.

  • So please put them into the comments below, so I can learn from you.

  • Hit me up on YouTube, just hit the subscribe button.

  • If you would like to, and, you know, come see me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as well.

  • Don't forget, do everything before you're ready, bye.

Networking for shy people.

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Business Networking Tips For Shy People

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    jenny posted on 2019/03/05
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