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Hey guys! Today, we're gonna show you our cat products that we have for our cats in Japan.
Japanese Cat Products.
Haku, you're huge now.
He's getting big.
Look at you look at you big buddy!
You're such a big bu-- ohh okay
By the way, this video is not sponsored by anything.
It's sponsored by cats. Fluffy Cat Butts!
Sponsored by Fluffy Cat Butts.
So one of the things they have here in Japan is GachaPon. Gachapon is famous for everything.
But they also have Cat GachaPon
so we can get stuff for our cats.
Haku, I'm gonna get you somethin'. Hang on. Hang on! I'm gonna get you somethin'.
Something really popular in Japan are these scratch boards.
I know they have them everywhere, but there are a lot of different varieties of cat scratch boards here in Japan.
Our cats,
Don't you wanna be a strawberry?
They really love.. they really really love this couch though.
This is like their favorite thing in the world.
We made it longer by taping two of these to it. Oh my gosh.
We got a special surprise for our cats today!
We got a new scratch board for them.
This is something...
I'm sure they've got the same product in America and stuff,
but here in Japan there's something called Neko Nabe.
Where- where you get a dish,
and then you put cats. Well, cats go into it
and then they can all sleep together and like just curled up in a little dish.
Aand it's called Neko Nabe because Nabe is the Japanese word for like a pot.
We got a cardboard scratch board Neko Nabe.
Why are you scared?
O ma gosh! What is it?!
O ma gosh!
He's like, "Can I walk in it?"
Is this all catnip?
Yeah, catnip stuff.
It comes with catnip, but
I don't- I don't even have to put it in there.
He's traumatized. He's like, you're not gonna put another hat on me, are you?
Look! Look! Look what it is!
Nagi, you're such a tiny kitty.
Do you no wear your apple anymore? (babytalk)
Here, I'll take your apple. There you go!
There you go!
Haku, stop chewing plastic!
Banana cat, you're being a weirdo. Here.
Look at the nek-- look at the neko nabe.
Don't you wanna go in?
Uh oh, uh oh! What's this? Uh oh!
Oh! Uh oh!
Nagi's gonna-
We're just getting our cats high on camera.
You guys are such druggies.
You can get pretty much any type of cat toy for your cat here in Japan. We keep ours in the ceiling light.
Coz they can't reach it. They're left to look at it.
Can you get it?
You did it!
You can do it!
My cats like all these toys, but they go freakin' insane with feathers.
They go absolutely insane.
As soon as I get this down these two cats are gonna go out of control.
and Haku is gonna get scared and so he's gonna get out of their way,
and run off to a little corner and hide until they're done going crazy.
Hey you guys. Hey you guys, what is this? What is this?
(cats playing)
Haku is running away.
Oh my gosh.
Yeah, they're kinda noisy aren't they?
You got it, now what're you gonna do?
Where you taking it?
Where you going?
Haku, what you doing?
So for cat litter, Japan usually does stuff a little differently.
In America we use that like gravel sandy stuff that when you pour it in the cat litter box then dust goes everywhere.
and it smells really bad, and it gets kicked out of the box and gets all over and I hate it.
I don't like using that.
You can use it here, but a lot of people use pellets or
like these silica balls instead.
These are what we use.
And our litter box is kind of special.
They have these in America, but I don't-
there's no, like, real reason to use those because
there's nothing specifically for you to put it in...
So our litter box has a bottom section and a top.
So we put the silica balls on top.
And then we have cat pee pads that we put in the bottom, we use two because we got a lotta cats.
We put it like this.
it makes it way easier for us to clean the litter because when they go to the bathroom,
if they poop, we have little bags where we can scoop out the poop immediately and throw it away
and then when they pee and it starts filling up, then we can just get rid of these pee pads and exchange it.
And I think this is kind of a common thing for people to do here because a lot of
apartments and houses aren't very big.
So our apartment is really tiny, like
we don't have a mudroom or an extra bathroom where we can put the litter box.
It has to be here, like right where we sit all day every day, so it can't smell, it can't make a mess.
Which is why this is really really helpful, so when the cats use this litter and they kick it out,
these balls are big enough that we can easily just pick it up and like throw the extras back in here
or throw the extras away, and then it makes it easy for us to clean when they go to the bathroom.
So one thing that in life you have in America
but umm..
in Japan some stores do takarakuji thing, kind of, um...
And if you purchase, like in our-
in my case I bought products that's worth about 20 bucks and
they let me pick this lottery once and I actually won this litter,
which is exactly the same as one we have currently.
Some don't come with a roof like this.
It has like a higher side so that litter can't go out easily,
but this one comes with a roof so that cats can have more privacy.
And yeah, I think this system toilet- systematic toilet is getting really popular in Japan.
And he really likes it.
Although he's a little too big for this litter.
What are you doing, buddy?
So you may be aware that
Japanese people live a really long time because they have a really really high life expectancy here, but actually
Japanese cats live a really long time, too.
So there are specific food brands that have
cat food lines for certain cat ages and some of those lines are even for cats that are aged
eighteen years old and older,
which is really really old for a cat.
I don't know if Haku is like Japanese cat though, but we'll do our best to make him live long.
What's the oldest cat you know?
Uh.. my uncle used to have a kitty who lived
easily longer than 20 years I think.
Yeah, twenty two or three, I don't know, something like that.
I know they do this kind of stuff in America, but I've never done it before.
We just got some-- got a cat toothbrush
Mmm-hmm cat.
Hummus extract.
For cat teeth.
Poki, I'm coming for you! I'mma brush your teeth!
Cats are not gonna like this.
Haku has bad breath,too.
No, Poki has the baddest, worsest breath.
There you go, it's just a little bit.
Do you like it?
Do you like it?
Gonna smell it? Okay, no.
I'm gonna do Poki. Poki's the easiest to handle.
He's our most laid-back cat.
Poki, look!
I got somethin' to brush your teeth!
Look it's new!
You wanna smell it first?
No. Nope. Oh good. Good.
Oh my god.
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth.
A lot of cats lose their teeth when they are old as they age.
So, hopefully this will help.
Can I do it?
with Haku.
Haku, you can get your teeth brushed.
Okay, maybe we should've gotten the other finger one instead of this.
Haku, you like sticks. Why don't you chew on the thing?
Such a good boy, Nagi.
We'll brush the other one.
He can't.
He's retreating into a ball of fluff.
Open your mouth.
There you go.
Get 'er!
Oh, nothing came off.
Good job, buddy! You're so good at brushing your teeth
Trick! You were tricked!
I hope you enjoyed our cat video.
Oopsies, oopsies.
Need to figure out how to...
Can you reach it?
Can you reach the toy?
Oh look it's right here.
It's right here.
He really doesn't like being held.
He really doesn't.
Okay, there you go.
There you go, buh bye.
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Japanese Cat Products

2813 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on October 10, 2018    linhouyun translated    Evangeline reviewed
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