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  • so here I am at longshan temple

  • right here in the background

  • and I'm with my friend who's going to be our personal

  • tour guide today because she knows so

  • much

  • she's so knowledgeable when it comes to

  • the religion Taoism the culture

  • and the custom when it comes to how you are supposed to

  • behave in such temples so supposedly

  • once we enter the temple you that is the

  • entrance on the right so you have to

  • enter the temple by the right sides and

  • it says enter over there and come out

  • exit

  • so you have cross this instead of

  • stepping on it because that's considered rude

  • so depending on the level of Gods

  • and goddesses the dragon on top of each

  • of the houses could vary

  • so how you dispose of the incense stick

  • you have to use your left hand rather

  • than your right hand to dispose of

  • the incense sticks into the pot because your left

  • hand is closer to where your heart is

  • and that symbolizes of being more

  • faithful and more genuine group it's

  • amazing

  • yeah you think is amazing thank you

  • and is it like the architecture

  • yeah I can and think there are different

  • and since there are houses that house different gods and

  • goddesses you go around the temple from

  • the front to the back and basically go

  • around with your incense sticks and speak to

  • the gods and goddesses

  • and there is a very unique house here

  • that held the gods for marriage

  • so as you can see there are loads of

  • people lining up to speak to the god of

  • marriage

  • so the varieties of these offering could

  • actually vary quite a bit

  • you could get fruits cookies cookies

  • right here and even what is this this is

  • soy bean salad oil and a bunch of other

  • things so be creative

  • being one of the most popular tourist destination here in

  • longshan temple I think we've learned a lot

  • thanks Leslie

so here I am at longshan temple

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5 Taoist Temple Etiquettes | Taipei Longshan Temple

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