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I could do this all day. Like, give me a Sharpie.
And, like, it's on. Oh, nice.
I like signing my name.
I don't know, I feel like the J is sexy.
Because you could do so many things with it.
And so many curves to it, which I think fits me.
It's funny because I feel like we don't sign at all anymore.
Signatures may soon disappear from people's daily lives.
Major credit card companies will no longer require signatures for any purchases.
I used to love to sign my name.
Be all over a notebook at the end of like a school year.
That was in middle school, when I was very excited about trying to figure out how to do a signature.
Then in high school.
I created another signature.
You know, 16 years old, got my driver's license.
So when I was, I guess in grade school.
I remember trying to make a signature that I thought looked kind of like graffiti or a tag.
Even though I had never, you know, spray-painted.
Or done anything like that.
I write my S's backwards.
I've made like an @ sign, which is like a D and an A.
And I make an M.
And then I've got an arrow at the end that just kind of symbolizes that my life is on the upwards.
And when I started actually signing like it was really me mimicking my mom's signature.
And I still kind of kept this little curve in the signature — that's definitely from my mother.
In Russian it's called 'roscherk', which is like kind of ending the signature with some sort of, like, ornament.
Or maybe it's just a character of me taking a little more space than I require, I don't know.
But my wife always rolls her eyes.
I was always told that it was too involved.
But I maintain that it's a necessary part of my style.
So this one is called
'I'm in a rush to get out of this restaurant.'
The few times a year that I'm actually writing checks.
Then I actually do a connected signature.
You know really you only need to have a signature for legally binding contracts at this point.
And then I'm sure at one point that won't even be it.
Because you know we can sign things electronically now.
I would miss it.
There's nothing more fabulous than having a conversation: 'Oh, yes, thank you.'
That is just so fun.
Like who doesn't —Who doesn't like it? Especially if it's a really good place.
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Is This the End of the Signature? | NYT

9330 Folder Collection
HsiangLanLee published on January 29, 2019    HsiangLanLee translated    Evangeline reviewed
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