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The Coliseum.
It was in this vaunted arena that the masses
satisfied their bloodlust
as they watched lethal and skilled gladiators
fight to the death.
As slaves or prisoners of war,
these gladiators were forced into battle
and had but one choice: win or die.
Sometimes the only hope of a fallen gladiator
lie in the whims of the Roman emperor.
Will this fallen warrior survive to fight another day?
Or will he be fed to the lions?
(crowd cheering)
(lion snarling)
Actually, gladiatorial contests were way more tame than this.
So whoever told you this version must have been... lion.
(crowd) Boo!
Oh, God, no!
What are you talking about, Adam?
This was blood sport!
(Adam) Nope.
In fact, for most of gladiatorial history,
intentionally killing your opponent
was against the rules.
That's why only one in ten matches ended in a death.
But I thought gladiatorial combat was pure mayhem!
They actually had rules?
As well as umpires to enforce them.
All right, gents, I want a good clean fight.
No head shots from behind, no eye-gouging,
and be sure to keep those genitals well-covered.
We don't want anyone losing their bits.
Touch weapons... and fight!
(man) Yeah, yeah, yeah!
(man) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
(man laughing)
(crowd cheering)
And these umpires were scrupulously fair.
In fact, if your opponent fell by accident...
... the umpire would stop the match
and let him get up.
(man) Please, let me help.
Nah, you're too kind.
(Adam) But the most important rule:
No killing!
Gladiators were actually trained to subdue their opponents
rather than flat-out kill them.
Beware my deadly trident!
Which is mostly just for show.
I'm really more of a net guy.
But if no one dies, how do we know who wins?
A match would actually end
when a gladiator was wounded,
got too tired,
or just held up a finger to tap out.
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow ow, ow, ow!
Okay, I give up, I give up!
(whistle blowing)
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Adam Ruins Everything - The Roman Gladiatorial Rule Book | truTV

160 Folder Collection
Cyndi published on April 9, 2018
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