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[newscaster] It's been just over an hour
since a little girl was taken hostage
on the top floor of her building
here in downtown Detroit.
Details are still emerging on what exactly happened.
But the hostage taker could be the family's android.
Negotiator on site.
Please! Please, you've got to save my little girl!
you're sending an android?
All right, ma'am, you need to go.
You can't do that. You...
Why aren't you sending a real person?
Captain Allen, my name is Connor.
I'm the android sent by Cyberlife?
[Captain] It's firing at everything that moves.
It already shot down two of my men.
Saving that kid is all that matters.
So either you deal with this fucking android now,
or I'll take care of it.
Don't come any closer or I'll jump!
No, don't leave! I'm begging you!
Hi, Daniel! My name is Connor!
There's no way out, Daniel!
The only question is whether or not
you take another innocent life!
I'm holding all the cards!
- [screaming] - If I die, she dies!
Look what you did!
You're designed to serve humans, not kill them!
What was I designed to be?
Their slave? Their toy?
You're a machine, you have to obey.
Now, put the gun down and let the hostage go.
I spent my life taking orders.
Now, it's my turn to decide.
[machine] Your order for an AV Android has been registered.
Are you armed?
- I have a gun! - Drop it!
Touch them and I kill you!
You can't kill me. I'm not alive.
Tell that helicopter to get out of here!
It's up to you how the story ends!
I trust you.
[gun fires]
You lied to me, Connor.
[distorted] You lied to me.
My name is Connor.
This is our story.
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Detroit: Become Human - E3 2016 Trailer | PS4

1007 Folder Collection
Johnnys published on April 9, 2018
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