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Heading to Kenting!
2 hours of bus, no stress, from Kaohsiung
Oh shiiiit.... and the wind is crazy too! We arrived just on time...
Damn I thought we could walk around and go to the beach but that won't work now...
Nevermind we will stay with our new friends: the PIGS!
It's gonna be really awesome!
Going to night market, rent a scooter, see you!
We will start the night properly with a nice accident!
We just arrived in Kenting night market. Our program tonight: eat, and sleep. Let's go!
Ok it's 8am the weather is pretty good, let's go to the beach
We didn't know which fuel we should use...
These guys said 95, we will trust them...
If there is nothing more after this sequence it means that it wasn't 95!
Good luck Victor!
Good luck
That's it we are officially at the end of Taiwan right here!
The Wangmei...(Chinese for "pretty girl of social networks")
We just found the dinner for tonight
Drone or not drone, that is the question
The wind is HARDCORE
This sign also mean "careful with your drone"... Shitttt
Here the weather is good, but just over us there is shitty dark cloud
That's it! as we are so unlucky it's starting to rain...
Really happy
My baby survived
this chaotic flight
And actually we misunderstood the southernmost point of Taiwan wasn't here at all
well it's not that far, just a few meters away!
So this time we go for good! Must be the 10th time I say that but we are going to the southermost point of Taiwan!
Almost there...
Finally! (*weird man* "WOOOOOW")
haha wtf, ok apparently it's beautiful
Now let's go to the beaches!
MacGyver technique to protect the drone from the sun
Works well!
Problem is that now it's approximately 2pm
here is the sun is 1000 times stronger than the one in France, and even more at 2pm
So I won't be able to reveal my fit pectorals
I'm sorry for that
(Victor with journalist voice) - Well good morning!
Good morning today we are live from Kenting!
There is water
There is sun
There is sand
There are men
Oh f***
Everything's alright!
This one is for you guys!
Ok sorry.
Ohh you lost something Victor?
Oh you feel stupid right? Such a shame...
I don't if I should help you...
I can't it's too low! Sorry!
Ok ok I'll show you some mercy
Oh are you the one? Is the glass flip-flop fitting you??
Ohhh it's you!! Oh my god what's happening to us??
That's it we give back the scooter, and I still look like a Playmobil thanks to the helmet
It's the start of a new journey, the one to return to Taipei...
Yeah in traffic jams!
So we turn on Commando mode and pray to catch our 2 buses back to Taipei on time
For now we are good, the guy from our Ghesthouse is driving us to the station
Which is just 100meters from the ghesthouse actually, I don't know why he insisted...
If you liked the video don't hesitate to subscribe, it's always a pleasure
Yeees I begging for subscriptions and yes it feels good
So see you soon in the next video, I don't know where, with this gentleman...
Bye bye!!
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1583 Folder Collection
Charlie Brown published on April 8, 2018
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