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I kinda' went to the darkest parts of our culture
and into the sex industry and the porn industry and
tried to bring light
into a dark place.
I guess in a sense, I got to be a pastor
to the porn industry, and it was incredible.
It was an incredible experience.
That's where I learned about grace. It just meant going, being
present with people
at porn shows and handing out a Bible
and telling them that Jesus loves them and that they may not think that's true, but it's true.
But it wasn't until I got on the
the floor with thousands and thousands of porn stars and porn producers and
porn buyers and consumers and
fans and all that, that actually I
realized what grace was all about. I learned that people
in the darkest places like a porn show are
just like me and just like the people that I attended church with,
and we're all searching for the same thing. We just find ourselves in
different places.
We don't probably like to have this picture of Jesus, but I
think Jesus would be all over
all the places that we think we shouldn't be going to, like a porn show
a bar or
you name it - whatever place that seems off-limits, I think those are the places
that Jesus would be rushing into
if he was walking the earth today, and
as just a small little ambassador -
a little worker bee for Jesus - I just
loved the fact that I got to do that for
several years and hear stories of
porn producers who were just trying to be good dads and
porn stars who were just wanting to be loved.
The questions that we are all asking are the same,
and it all comes back to the truth
of Jesus' love and His grace and His forgiveness,
and I don't care whether you're a porn star or a prostitute
or pastor, preacher, a soccer mom,
a business guy - we all need the same thing and that's
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Porn, Love and Jesus

187 Folder Collection
榮得傑 published on April 7, 2018
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