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Pick up the fuckin phone
I miss the warmth of your tone
Got my first 20 straights
Just to smoke it up alone
This is isolation, babe
This is demonic bliss
Could I reach for a kiss, Could I reach for a kiss
If I'm swum baby it's not your fault
I always sunk, I always sunk
You ain't used to a boy who bleeds to the moon
It ain't your fault, I'd sink in salt
Scarlet fingers, I could move through you
But to drown into disgrace fumes
This is isolation
This is demonic bliss
Could I reach for a kiss, Could I reach for a kiss
Rhetoric verses I could spill
Only to drive myself to limbo wish
This is whisky, This is ocean bed
Baby, let it take me instead
Let it take me instead...
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Puma Blue - Soft Porn | A COLORS SHOW

4528 Folder Collection
榮得傑 published on April 6, 2018
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