B1 Intermediate US 498 Folder Collection
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Mac: Hey guys, how are you? Great, that's awesome!
Today, Robby decided to drag me into a video idea
where he is going to show me weird straight porn
because he's straight, and I'm gay.
Robby: it sounded better in my head.
I don't think it's gonna be enjoyable for either one of us.
M: Not at all.

[Robby laughs]
R: I'm gonna find him something really good.
I'm gonna look up something that I've never seen before,
ancient internet history,
Two girls one cup.
M: Okay?
R: Oh my God, it has its own website!
M: mark this off my bucket list.
I'm afraid. I'm scared. I'm terrified.
Whatever that means.
R: It starts off- [Mac screaming]

R: What the fuck? [Both gagging]
R: I can't do it, Mac!
M: Oh my God...

R: Turn it off! Turn it off!
M: She's gargling it! *I can't stop it!*

R: I will never look at chocolate the same way again.
M: She played with it in her mouth. I want to cry.
R: It looked like ice cream.
M: It filled up the entire cup.

R: This is Japanese cockroach porn.
M: That already sounds terrible.

R: Oh here we go!
[Muffled groans from the computer as the two of them look on in horror]
["Milkshake" by Kelis in the background]
M: What's with the music!?

M: She's drinking it? WHY???

R: And there has been no nudity so far!
M: It has nudity?

R: Let's get to the good stuff, buddy.
M: [Weakly] There's more?

[Disgusted noises from Mac, gagging]
[Robby laughs in disgust, gagging]

M: How much money is she getting out of this?
Why is she doing- [gags]

[Mac gagging]
R: Okay, so how turned on are you?
M: Um, not- not at all.

R: Weird and strange sex positions.
M: Is it bad that I know that porn star?
R: Really?

M: Yes!
R: What the f*ck is this?
M: Why is there so much hair?

R: That's not a vagina...
M: That's a vagina. [screaming]
M: This makes me uncomfortable, 'cause it's just the same girl putting a bunch of stuff in her vagina.
R: How does she fit something like this up there??
Phone: -oh, the one with the balls.
R: Oh-

M: Already starting on a great note-
M: Stop!! Whyyyy?
M: Why do this?
R: Like, it must be hard for her to move?

M: Oh! Ah!
M: Her face, she looks so serious with it too.
M: I've never seen a vagina in real life. I've never touched one. I don't plan on doing it.
[Robby screams in disgust]
[slow-mo Robby scream]

M: We went through a lot...um
M: Thank you guys for watching! Click Robby's face to go to his channel!
M: We also did a video over there where we reacted to homosexual porn.
M: There was shit involved. [Robby chuckles]
M: Anyways, I am MAChaizelli, he is Robbie.
Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to like, comment, share, and subscreebay! Bwaaaah!
[End card music]
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498 Folder Collection
榮得傑 published on April 5, 2018
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