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We're Uniti, an electric car company with big ambitions.
We are really excited that the world is now transitioning to clean, sustainable electric
And the contribution that we want to make to that is to transform the vehicle platform
to something that matches electric car technology a little better.
For example; if a car is driven by a battery, it should of course be light weight.
But that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Making the ideal electric car requires a lot of work.
So we thought, "Why don't we show you around a little bit of what we do here at Uniti?".
In our fully equipped facilities here in the south of Sweden, we have a strong engineering
and product development culture.
Here, we are working tirelessly to develop a vehicle platform that is sustainable throughout
its life cycle.
Starting from manufacture and to the end of its life.
But of course developing a vehicle platform that just makes sense isn't enough to reach
the masses.
That challenge starts with design.
Our design processes has been an intensive two years of research, where we have worked
with a wide group of external stakeholders and have the support from the best in the
Now the next part of our design process requires us to bring together a wide group of competences
and stakeholders.
From supply chain and manufacturing to engineering, and branding and communications.
And we have found that the best way to do this in a fast and efficient manner is to
use virtual reality.
Here at Uniti, we use VR on a daily basis as a tool to develop and communicate our vehicle
in the most lean and effective way possible.
And once everyone's happy here, it is time to get our hands dirty and that is something
we love to do here at Uniti because it is so important in the development of a new electric
vehicle platform, and it something that we just love to do.
Welcome to our prototyping workshop.
So in this facility, we can develop and manufacture everything up to full scale production prototypes.
Now, of course, there is a big leap between prototyping and developing a vehicle for mass
So here, we have a particular focus on designing for manufacture.
Our vehicle is manufactured in high performance, light weight composite materials.
We concentrate early on the manufacturing processes so we make sure the vehicle is lean,
sustainable and scaleable in manufacturing.
Now, all of this innovative mechanical engineering, prototyping and electronics is great but there's
one more special ingredient we need to bring it all to life.
Here at software development, we work with some of the world's leading suppliers to integrate
cutting edge research in computer vision, autonomy, deep learning and cognitive science.
We ensure that our systems architecture is safe, secure and stable for the future of
electric cars.
And, we take special care to make sure that the technology we built feels like an extension
of yourself, just like your smartphone.
And of course, all of this creates a lot of IP.
We have developed an efficient innovation management system, that has so far resulted
in 7 patent applications filed and several more are in the pipeline.
The intellectual assets that we produce lets us interact and collaborate with other actors
in an open manner, while protecting what we do, as well as our investors.
And keeping us stable and growing requires a strong backbone.
Welcome to corporate.
Here in the finance department, we work hard to implement robust systems and processes
so that we have a lean and efficient operation, which is why we are building models so that
we can quickly scale up and to make sure that our financial future is secure.
Because this is an increasingly complex operation which is why it is essential that we have
a lot of high level support and strong partners around the world.
I spent my entire career working on climate change, I have been a university professor,
I've worked for some of the world's largest companies, and I have helped numerous start-ups.
I came to Uniti because I believe this is the best opportunity in my lifetime to make
a difference.
We aim to be the world's most resource-efficient vehicle company.
What I have seen here and what I feel, I think you are absolutely spot on and you will make it.
So, at Williams we are all about innovation, and we are always looking at the frontier
of EV and next generation automotive.
And I think it is amazing, the work that has been done the last couple of years, and it
is a really exciting project for a company like Williams to be involved with.
Kuka is a company that has been in the robotic business some 40 years, one of the global
leaders, market leader in automotive production, and has long experience and expertise in the
automotive processes and how cars are built.
So for us at Kuka, Uniti represents a great opportunity to provide our experience into
a company that is coming in to the automotive production from a new angle.
That's a great opportunity to a mutual success for two companies.
And of course, all of this means that we have a lot of stories to tell and we're constantly
sharing our journey with the rest of the world.
We've had a lot of media coverage already, with a potential reach of 2.6 billion people,
and we are only getting started.
Our car brand does not want to be the best in the world, rather the best for the world.
And that is why all the content we make is raw, real and produced in-house.
We are confident that we can accelerate this very important transition to clean electric
mobility in cities.
And it is because our vehicle addresses many of the challenges that are holding this transition
For example, there is obviously a lot of people that live in apartment blocks or perhaps don't
have ready access to charging infrastructure.
But did you know that a vast majority of vehicle trips are less than 30 km?
That's why our vehicle include a small, lightweight, portable and removable auxiliary
battery pack that contains about 30 km of range.
It is easily swappable, but it is also easily chargeable at home, at the office or perhaps
at a cafe in any normal power outlet.
You can charge it in under one hour, and then deposit that 30 km of range into the
vehicle in under 10 minutes while you are driving.
You can top up the battery with 100 km of range at any fast charging power outlet
in under 10 minutes, and be on your way.
The range is a reliable 300 km in all weather conditions.
And we include a home induction charging option for an option for a solar panel on the roof
that can also trickle charge the battery.
We include a lot of exciting features, like a full screen smart heads-up display and other
features that are designed to improve the overall safety and modernize the experience
of the vehicle.
This is a really exciting journey to be on, and we would love for you to join us before
we have our big launch ceremony that is scheduled for the end of this year.
So do check out the campaign page below, and on behalf of the team, thank you very much
for your time.
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Uniti - Electric car | Equity crowdfunding 2017

592 Folder Collection
kstmasa published on April 3, 2018
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