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  • Ninth season.

  • And there's rum-- now, is this true?

  • Victoria Beckham is going to join the cast

  • or be on the show?

  • No.

  • No.

  • I ran into Victoria Beckham and her lovely husband David--


  • --outside of a SoulCycle class-- which is a thing thing

  • we do in LA.

  • It's really annoying.

  • Don't ask.


  • And they were like, we love the show.

  • Can we take a photo of you and David for our kids?

  • And like, I was like, sure, I'll take a photo

  • with David Beckham.


  • And then, they were like--

  • I was like, you know, if you wanted to come by the set,

  • you certainly can.

  • And I gave her my number.

  • I was like, she's never going to text me.

  • I get out of my SoulCycle class, and there's

  • like nine texts from Victoria.

  • She's like, when are we going?

  • Like, why aren't you answering?

  • Pick up your phone.

  • Why aren't-- I want to come by the set.

  • So they ended up coming by, and the whole family came.

  • And everyone on set's so excited.

  • And they're like, do you know who's visiting the set today?

  • The entire Beckham family.

  • I was like, I know.

  • They're my guests.


  • And everyone's like, how do you know the Beckhams?

  • I'm like, I don't!


  • And we were all very-- but they were so lovely.

  • It's such a nice--

  • they're such lovely people.

  • Their kids are incredibly well-behaved.

  • And they're very attractive, all of them.

  • Yes, they are.

  • They're all--

  • [? The entire ?] family.

  • Yeah, that's us just--

  • They're a good-looking family.

  • Yes, they are.


  • So yeah, but she's not going to be on the show,

  • although I'd love to have her.

  • She's a lot of fun.

  • And well, I just want to say, it pays to go to SoulCycle.

  • It sure does.

  • Maybe you're going to run into the Beckhams--

  • Exactly.

  • --when they're there.

  • Yeah.

Ninth season.

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