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"The President of the United States stands accused of sexual misconduct by
more than a dozen women over a period of decades." "His hands were all over me."
Donald Trump is no stranger to scandal and allegations of sexual misconduct.
"Grab 'em by the pussy." And each time Trump seemingly escapes
consequences unscathed. "Donald Trump approached me then his hand touched the
right inside of my breast." But recent lawsuits brought against Trump
may put his whole presidency at risk. And it may not even matter if the women
behind them are successful in court.
The woman suing Trump are porn actress and
director Stephanie Clifford who's better known by her stage name
Stormy Daniels and former contestant on The Apprentice Summer Zervos. Daniels
claims she had consensual extramarital sex with Trump at a golf tournament in 2006
"A guy walked up on me and said to me leave Trump alone forget the story"
She also claims that she and her child were later threatened to keep silent and
that she was essentially paid hush money to sign a nondisclosure agreement.
To put it simply she's suing Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen to void that
agreement. Summer Zervos on the other hand claims she was sexually assaulted
by Trump at a hotel in Beverly Hills. Zervos isn't suing Trump for sexual
assault though — the statue of limitations on that is passed. Instead she's suing
for defamation which means she's accusing Trump for ruining her
reputation through comments he made that she was a liar and that she invented
these accusations for attention. The thing is the lawsuits brought by either
Daniels or Zervos could be incredibly damning for Trump's presidency even if
they ultimately lose their cases. The first risk to Trump is if either
case moves into the discovery phase the process were lawyers seek information
from opposing parties to build their case. Trump may not be able to fend off
these requests. If the lawyers did find evidence of misconduct related to their
clients' cases or even evidence involving other individuals they would be able to
release those documents to the press or to the public. The next big risk for
Trump is the prospect of a deposition if deposed Trump would have to answer
questions under oath and Trump who has a strained relationship with the truth
would likely be at a particularly high risk of perjuring himself.
We've actually been here before. Paula Jones sued former President Bill Clinton in 1994.
Now Jones ultimately lost her case but that didn't matter.
Clinton perjured himself in deposition and ended up impeached though he was
later acquitted by the Senate. Zervos and Daniels are far from alone in accusing
Trump of sexual misconduct. "I didn't know any of these women I didn't see these
women these women the woman on the plane the woman - I think they want either fame
or her campaign did it." These lawsuits could be a chance for these women
to be vindicated.
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Why the Stormy Daniels lawsuit matters

79 Folder Collection
Samuel published on April 2, 2018
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