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It's not like this hasn't happened before. Today's Rayman is yesterday's Leon Kennedy,
only with less arms. Like...as in both weapons and limbs. And besides, at least Rayman gave
the courtesy of an early notice. I mean, to this day, Resident Evil 4 has that little
purple triangle, right on the front cover. "Only for" the GameCube.
Right. Just like Rayman Legends is "only for" the Wii U.
So if you're not a Nintendo fan, you might not get it, but...some of them are just a
little bitter, about Rayman Legends. This was a game designed and built for the Wii
U. It was supposed to be a launch window exclusive. An amazing Wii U game. And most of all, a
sign of hope. Hope that this time, things would be different with third parties.
Listen, guys...one out of three ain't bad.
And despite all the things it isn't, Rayman Legends is still...an amazing Wii U game.
Of course, it's also a familiar game. Legends isn't the same revelation that 2011's Rayman
Origins was, but it is the same everything else. In the brilliant scheme that is Ubisoft's
Rayman revival...this is Phase Two. Phase Two never has the newness that Phase One had,
but what it does have...is refinement. Rayman Legends isn't just a sequel to one of the
best platformers in years.
It's an improvement...to one of the best platformers in years.
So is there a story? I don't know, maybe. The game itself seems to have the same attitude
about it. I mean, stories inherently come with a linear progression. Legends doesn't.
It just gives you this...buffet, of awesome platforming levels. And you can choose any
one, at any time, in any order...provided they're unlocked.
Now, the game guides you a little bit. It kind of just offers suggestions on the GamePad,
showing you some cool things you've unlocked. Things you might want to play. And you can,
just by tapping them. But ultimately, it's up to you.
And your...ginger hero.
You know, all the best heroes come in ginger.
And speaking of the GamePad...this game embraces it. Legends might not be an exclusive, but
it's definitely a Wii U game at heart. Its design is focused entirely on the GamePad,
throwing more ideas at that controller than even most of Nintendo's games. Some levels
make you guide the character with the touch screen. Sliding platforms, cutting ropes...later
on, you might have to rotate the GamePad...
And when it's not used for gameplay, it's this constant hub. It gives you access to
everything, with just a simple tap. It's, like...this isn't a game that just added some
GamePad support. This is a game that was made for the GamePad. And it's so refreshing to
play a Wii U game with the creativity...and the balls, to do that.
Of course, the most important thing in any platformer is control. Rayman Legends controls
beautifully. The speed, the momentum, the tightness...it's flawless. It's like a clinic,
on how a platformer should play. Not only that, but...it never gets old, because you're
always doing something different. From swimming levels to floating levels to running levels
to duck levels—wait, duck levels?
Yes, duck levels...Legends certainly has variety.
And like the rest of the game, it's fast, frantic...and kinda f*cked up.
Some games have some things. Rayman Legends has every thing. Or at least, the good things.
It's incredibly well made, it plays like a dream, it's as unpredictable as Bob Clampett
on acid, and has roughly the same style...and it's Wii U through and through. There's really
nothing not to like if you're a Nintendo fan.
Unless you're bitter. And hey, I get it. What could've been, right? But sometimes, you have
to accept that you can't control a rebel. Leon Kennedy was a rebel. Viewtiful Joe was
a rebel. And after years and years of irrelevancy, Rayman has rebelled. In more ways than one.
Don't hold it against him, Nintendo fans. Love him for it.
Because believe me, guys...he's wearing the same colors you are.
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CGR Undertow - RAYMAN LEGENDS review for Nintendo Wii U

978 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on September 15, 2013
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