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  • We've covered some classic franchises here on Strange Anime License Friday. I don't think

  • any of 'em, though, can trace their lineage back to 1959, as Kitarou here can. The story

  • of the kinda creepy-lookin' kid - who's actually a couple centuries old - and his stable of

  • traditional Japanese monsters has been adapted into animation in five different decades.

  • Think about that. That's a heck of a lot of history. So it feels almost sacrilegious that

  • such a storied name would be stuck on what may be the most blatant copy of Pokemon I've

  • ever laid eyes on. From the menus to the battle layout... I mean, seriously now. Satoshi Tajiri

  • could've brought a fairly convincing lawsuit against these jokers, had he not been DROWNING

  • IN MONEY at the time.

  • To be fair, we're talking about a copy of the game that changed the world of handheld

  • gaming, so it shouldn't be all that shocking. And there are a number of differences... like

  • Kitarou's significantly decreased list of summonable monsters. And... um, the items

  • have different names. And there's a Tokimeki Memorial reference which I'm fairly certain

  • no Pokemon game ever had! And that's about it. The random battles with the back of your

  • character - be it Kitarou or one of his subordinates - are alarmingly familiar, with the only major

  • difference being the inclusion of what is effectively an MP bar. Each fighter is outfitted

  • with a basic attack as well as some special tricks, which may include remote-controlled

  • sandals. I don't make this up. And, in true Pokemon style, these attacks are animated

  • as minimally as possible so as to not get in the way of the number-crunching. Rather

  • than trying to coerce or trap monsters that have been pummeled into bloody oblivion, though,

  • you're forced to negotiate and/or bribe them a la Shin Megami Tensei, if'n you want to

  • increase your monster-totin' arsenal.

  • That said, if you copy Pokemon as directly as possible, you're still left with... well,

  • a sound (if uninspired) RPG. At least it manages to have a plot that spans past "wanting to

  • be the very best like no one ever was," with some troublesome demons standing in the way

  • of a local construction project. And they're not Diglett, trust me, we've been through

  • this before. All the familiar cast appear, from Rat Man to that piece of cloth folks

  • fly around on to that chunk of wall with eyes... 'course, the series never got a US release,

  • not in any decade, so that's probably not worth all that much. If you're familiar with

  • other Youkai-centric titles, say, Pocky & Rocky or Legend of the Mystical Ninja (the first

  • stage, at least) you'll probably get a couple of the concepts... and then wonder where your

  • damn Bulbasaur is.

We've covered some classic franchises here on Strange Anime License Friday. I don't think

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