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  • Did you oversleep again?! UGH! You ALWAYS keep me waiting!

  • D-don't get the wrong idea! It's not like...I LIKE you, or anything! ...d...dummy...

  • Senpai, you're just in time! I baked cookies! Would you like some?

  • Y-you know, Senpai...I wouldn't mind cooking for you...every day...♥

  • It's only natural that I'd get the lead role in the play! I deserve it more than anyone else!

  • Senpai! I'm going to be Juliet...would you be my Romeo? ♥

  • ...we're about to summon a demon...would you like to join us...?...

  • ...I can't stop thinking about that boy...I think he cast a hex on me...

  • Nobody in the sports club EVER turns down a challenge! Come on! Let's get started right away!

  • ...Senpai...would you like to go for a run together...? know...just the two of us...? ♥

  • Oh, my! Your face is turning red! Do you have a fever?!

  • Come see me any time! I'm always happy to take care of you...♥

  • I can teach you all sorts of things...♥

  • Would you like me to be your..."private tutor"? ♥

  • Girls like you really get on my nerves. Get lost.

  • ...that boy...he's the only one...who...

  • Welcome home, big brother! How was your day?! Tell me ALLLLL about it! ♥

  • ...if you got a girlfriend...would you forget about me? That won't happen, will it?!

  • My top priority is to put a stop to anyone that poses a threat to this school!

  • Senpai! I think someone may be stalking you. But don't worry...I'll keep you safe.

Did you oversleep again?! UGH! You ALWAYS keep me waiting!

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A2 US hex top priority summon romeo stop thinking dummy

Yandere Simulator Rival Introduction Video

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    kstmasa posted on 2018/03/31
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