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It's gotten to the point where it tastes like
I'm just eating spoonfuls of sugar.
Today we're having over a hundred different KitKats.
I'm gonna try 'em all and tell you which one
is definitively the best flavor of KitKat.
Last time I had too much food, I tried every item
on the McDonald's menu.
That was very difficult.
Oh, god.
Wow, oh, gosh, this is a lot of candy.
Oh, wow, this guy's (bleep) pumped.
This one smells bonkers.
Mmm, wow, it really tastes like tangerine.
This one smells like dark chocolate.
Tastes like chocolate.
Alright, this is a vampire.
It says, "hand talk".
Why is that the only English they gave me?
I don't know what flavor this is.
Coconut? Vanilla?
Remember when you're 12 and you go the dentist
and they give you strawberry fluoride?
It's strawberry fluoride Kit Kat.
I'm goin' for one of these single ones.
These are Kit Kat fancy.
This looks like a tiny energy bar.
Tastes like eating a plant.
Alright, let's try strawberry.
Oh, it smells like Pocky.
Wow, Kit Kat is...
It's Pocky.
Hock-o, ho-kay-do melon.
Tastes like watermelon Bubblicious.
Cookies and cream.
Kind of tastes caramel-y.
A little coffee-ee.
It tastes like a treat you'd get at a Christmas open house
at a furniture store.
It looks to be two pieces of toasted bread
with beans in the middle.
How many have I had?
(speed talking)
16 or 17?
That's not very many.
This one's boring.
Oh, this one's called amaze-egg.
Ama-zegg, a-mez-ak-ee.
Oh, wow, it smells immediately like alcohol.
It kinda burns like alcohol burns.
Oh, god! (laughs)
Oh, it's sour!
Oh, whoa!
Another white chocolate one, my god.
What, (laughs) is that?
Oh, god, it's white chocolate again.
It's purple, as we all expected.
Like, it's not bad.
Cognac and grapes.
It tastes like Jewish wine.
So this is a nice bright green, maybe a lime, maybe a mint?
Is it wasabi?
I actually kinda like this.
Shinshu apple?
Smells like green Jolly Ranchers.
Let's try this strawberry maple.
Strawberry maple sounds like what happens when
a cute girl from the south marries a Canadian.
No maple in that strawberry maple.
No strawberry.
Okay, you gotta up your game.
This is a different packaged sake one,
so I'm assuming it's gonna be different.
That one really tastes like sake.
You know how, like, you're not in control,
like your brain is doing stuff
without your conscious brain knowing it?
I keep, like, going to put this in my mouth,
and my hand keeps stopping short of my mouth. (laughs)
This feels nice, it's cold.
♪ Sa-ku-ra. ♪
♪ Sa-ku-ra. ♪
♪ Cherry blossoms everywhere. ♪
Mmm. (smacking)
That was the one.
This is inspired by chock-la-tor-y.
Sounds like a chocolate purgatory.
Yep, tastes like butter.
♪ Sa-ku-ra. ♪
God, it's white chocolate.
♪ Sa-ku-ra. ♪
Sounds like a chocolate purgatory.
♪ Cherry blossoms... ♪
Oh, god.
I'll eat one bar.
One bar.
I don't know if I can keep going anymore.
Well, this is fun.
I didn't eat 'em all but I think I tasted
all the different flavors and, in terms of an answer,
this matcha, the sakura matcha, is the best one.
All right, we'll see you next time
on Keith ruins his stomach.
(ominous chord)
So, as you just saw,
Keith didn't actually finish the challenge.
So, I thought that I'll surprise him with more Kit Kats
that he has to finish by the end of the day.
(upbeat clarinet music)
Well, hey.
Right, yup.
I didn't.
Oh, I just have to finish what I didn't eat,
so how many is that?
See ya later.
Whoa, shit, look at this!
Oh, my god!
That one's good.
Ooh, it's pink.
Really delicate and lovely.
Nice little pile.
Raspberry's in the wafer.
I hope you enjoy the video.
(upbeat instrumental music)
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I Tried Every Flavor of Japanese Kit Kats

1665 Folder Collection
Samuel published on November 16, 2018    linhouyun translated    Evangeline reviewed
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