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-Come on, girls.
Let's go to the bathroom and talk about girl stuff!
-Shut up!
-The following is based on a true story.
The names have been changed
to protect the person's identity.
-She's supposed to be an even better actress
than Megan Fox.
-Dude, how is that possible? Megan Fox is like the--
-Oh, I gotta go pee really quick.
-Dude, come on. We're already gonna be late.
-Well, I don't want to piss myself in movies.
-Yeah, I should probably go too.
Oh come on man, you said you were just going pee.
-I am, but I can't go with you watching me.
Just go away.
[continues, stops]
Stop it!
-If you're just going pee, then why are you sitting down?
[toilet flushes]
-Why would I not?
-Hey Troy, do you pee standing up or sitting down?
-Standing up.
-Well, fine, I guess I'm the freak then.
what's that guy's problem?
-SpongeBob SquarePants!
Who lives in a-- porous is--
SpongeBob Square--
-Yes Anthony, I'm taking a crap while standing up.
Are you happy now?
-Oh, dude! How is this even the correct way?
I'm getting some major splashage from this height.
-No, you're supposed to do that sitting down.
[toilet flushes]
-Well, which one is it, man?
Sitting down or standing up?
Make up your goddamn mind!
God, the only thing more annoying than listening to you
is trying to use one of these stupid drinking fountains.
[urinal flushes]
Especially when these idiots piss in them,
like that's real funny!
-To see bloopers from this video and more,
click the link in the description below!
Click the subscribe button if you've peed while sitting down!
See what I did there?
'Cause, at some point, you've all peed while sitting down,
let's be honest.
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2372 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on March 4, 2013
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