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  • Digges Ding Comedy presents...

  • The Greatest Rap Battles of all Times

  • This time it's MICHAEL JACKSON vs. DARTH VADER

  • Here is the King of Pop. Today he's really "Bad"...

  • Against the MC on the Dark Side.. also known as "the Chokeholder of the Empire"

  • So this battle is all about black or white, lover or fighter...

  • Metal helmet manikin, tries to be a cheap Batman.

  • Your robe stinks like burnt Anakin.

  • Tanning bed flavour. You're so into enamel.

  • You're style is a No-Go - S&M fetish.

  • MJ, you like children they say.

  • Something went badly wrong in your childhood.

  • Got beaten up by your daddy, he stole your childhood.

  • Can't you sleep, come to me - I've got some Propofol.

  • My father was strict, yeah that's true.

  • It wasn't an easy time being a kid.

  • But even though I had a tough time then - Vader, at least I had a father.

  • Look at yourself. You can't really figure it out.

  • Is he black or white, man or woman.

  • I am really bad, and got that gangster-look.

  • But you lean your kids out of the window.

  • I always enjoy being with my kids. You didn't even know, that you had some.

  • I am Michael Jackson - the King of Pop.

  • You are the king of the poor/hands in the second hand shop.

  • King of Pop?? I'm the Empire's Boss.

  • You singing garbage with a voice like on helium.

  • And your face, man! One surgery wouldn't be enough..

  • Vader's going for another surgical operation.

  • What's wrong? Can you breathe under your helmet?

  • Come on, I'll invite you into my oxygen chamber.

  • Need fresh air? Need an asthma inhaler? Ani, are you ok? (Anakin)

  • You're in the Pepsi-Ad - I'm loving Coke, man!

  • Moonwalker - Skywalker - Earth Song - Death Star.

  • I have the Power and will finish this battle.

  • You can call me Joseph now - because I AM YOUR FATHER!

  • Comment and like on who you think has won this battle.

  • And comment on who should be battling next...

Digges Ding Comedy presents...

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