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(soft instrumental music)
- As far as my eyes go, I feel like people
don't really pay them any mind.
- I've never gotten any compliments on my eyes.
- I always feel invisible with my blue eyes.
I feel really clear looking.
(logo whooshes) (hinge squeaks)
- I've totally wanted to try blue eyes.
Playing with color is always cool.
- Growing up in the South, like having light skin,
light eyes is very celebrated
so growing up, I always wanted to have light eyes.
- I'm the only one in my family that has blue eyes.
I have six siblings.
I always wanted brown eyes just 'cause everybody else
in my family has them.
- Today what we're going to do is change
the eye color of three different patients.
Now the fitting of contact lenses, whether they be
just purely for cosmetic purposes
or for the correction of vision,
it's still a medical device and one needs to be examined
by an eye doctor to be fit appropriately.
- I'm going to be trying blue eyes.
- I'm going to be trying out green eyes.
- And I'm going to be trying brown eyes.
- So Kane, we've got both lenses in now.
(Kane sighs heavily) Check it out.
- [Kane] Whoa!
- Oh my geez!
- [Kuwilileni] Whoa!
- It feels like I put someone's eyeball into my head.
- Who am I?
- I expected to hate this, but actually kind of love it.
- I feel like the reaction is going to be positive
because it's such a cool thing to change.
- I am a little bit nervous about wearing colored contacts
'cause I'm worried that people will think
that I don't think that my own brown eyes,
as they are, are beautiful enough.
- I assume people will notice that something
on my face is darker.
The guy who helped me put the lenses in was like,
"You look like a completely different person."
I do look like the rest of my family.
- I feel just like augmenting one part of my body
has made me feel like more beautiful.
I think I'm going to become really vain,
like even now I'm like, "Hey, girl."
- I look less like a cyborg today and more like a cat.
- So I just put 'em in for the second time.
I feel like I've acclimated to them
and they just look like my normal eyes but they kinda hurt.
I don't understand how people do this every morning.
- I feel like a lot bolder.
I like being another person.
I feel like people look at me different.
- Whoa, you look like a demon. (whimsical instrumental music)
- I don't know what my boyfriend will feel,
like will he dump me?
I don't know, we'll see.
- Whoa.
I'm very used to you with the blue eyes.
I don't know, they're like piercing.
- Say some people some time to get used to it but,
yeah, I totally dig it.
- You look like a mutant from X-Men.
- They're entrancing, I'm entranced.
- I think it's going to be weird for my boyfriend.
- Is this a trick?
- [Kane] Do you notice something different?
My eyes?
- Uh-huh, yeah, your eyes are different.
Ah, nu-uh! (laughs)
Are they blue?
- [Kane] Yeah. (laughs)
- Oh my gosh!
- One of the things I've noticed about wearing them
is I'm always wondering if people are going to notice.
- They kind of fit.
- They're like brighter, it like hits you in the face.
- Ah, gotcha!
Going in the trash!
Bye, no more contacts.
I enjoyed the experience a lot,
of just seeing what I would look like
but it was a lot of torture to get there.
- I was shocked when I put them in
that I actually liked them.
I was apprehensive because having come into myself
and really celebrating and loving myself,
I was afraid society would think that I was trying
to hide my African heritage.
- It totally made my dreams come true.
Do I look like a part of my family now?
I think they're like, "Finally."
- One of the most powerful lessons I've learned in life
is living your body as it is, as it changes, as it grows,
like loving it for what it is.
- And once I died, the mortician will be like,
"Oh, this is weird," like,
"This 90-year-old woman has contacts in." (chuckles)
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People Change Their Eye Color For A Week

357 Folder Collection
Samuel published on March 31, 2018    米勒 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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