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  • This is so weird.

  • (bright music)

  • I'm Dani, I'm a beauty and style writer at BuzzFeed.

  • I'm Treye and I am a skin care aficionado.

  • And today we're gonna be trying a smart mirror.

  • - The smart mirror is supposed to analyze your face

  • and give you a smart makeover.

  • - We've become a society that has, like, smart everything

  • so it's only a matter of time until we got a smart mirror,

  • and there's a lot of hype around it

  • so I'm really interested in trying it

  • but I'm also lowkey scared that it's gonna be like,

  • how old are you, 97?

  • Do you even drink water?

  • - This is, uh, this is cute. (laughing)

  • I like this, it looks cool.

  • It's like, I'm here for it.

  • - You can use your hand to scroll up and down.

  • Honestly, like if you're home doing this,

  • and someone walks in, they're gonna be like,

  • what's wrong with you? (gentle country music)

  • - Let's do it, let's analyze the skin.

  • (magical music)

  • - Analyzing red spots.

  • Oh!

  • It's giving me all these numbers but I'm not really sure

  • if any of these numbers are good or bad.

  • - So I'm looking at my wrinkle count.

  • I've only got six wrinkles.

  • That ain't that crazy.

  • - I have eight wrinkles, it's traumatizing.

  • Just kidding, I'm 29, I'm due some wrinkles.

  • My fine lines, I have 60.

  • That sounds like a lot.

  • 775 pores.

  • - 47 fine lines.

  • - 148 dark spots, that's just my freckles.

  • - 39 red spots, which again, that doesn't seem,

  • I mean that is high, I'm not gonna lie (laughing)

  • That's a lot of red spots.

  • (magical music)

  • We're about to try the virtual makeover.

  • You better do me right, now.

  • (Dani gasping)

  • - Oh my God, that's so bad.

  • (Treye laughing)

  • - I'm slightly triggered.

  • - My eyebrows are non-existent.

  • Like, how I used to pluck them in, like, the early 2000s.

  • - The lashes are poppin'.

  • I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

  • - So, it was interesting;

  • it's definitely not what I expected.

  • - The whole process, man,

  • it's so specific and a little creepy (laughing)

  • - Getting my skin analyzed by this mirror

  • I think was a really cool thing to do.

  • - I feel like we all know and we have things

  • that either you wanna improve about your skin

  • or that you love about your skin.

  • - Wrinkles and fine lines and dark circles

  • happen to everyone and I don't think seeing a number

  • or getting, you know, a breakdown of what it is

  • should make anyone feel worse or better.

  • - 20 years from now I'm sure everybody,

  • we all gonna be beating off our skin care numbers,

  • I can tell, oh, you looking like a 10% dark circle.

  • Oh, I've got that 25% dark circle!

  • It's probably gonna be a competition.

  • (gentle music)

This is so weird.

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We Got Our Skin Analyzed By A Smart Mirror

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    Samuel posted on 2018/03/28
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