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Today we're going to Starbucks! Yes! That's
right, we're going to learn how to order a

coffee in English perfectly. So we're going
to look at all the useful phrases and any

special vocabulary you need and then I'm going
to take you to my local Starbucks to show

you how it's done. This is going to be awesome.
All that is coming right up.

Welcome everyone. If you haven't met me before,
I'm Tom and I teach real natural British English

so that you can take your English to the next

Ordering coffee can be quite intimidating
but don't worry guys because I'm going to

give you all the English phrases you need
so that the next time you order your coffee

you are going to be super confident.
The first thing the barista will ask you is
'What would you like?' or 'What can I get

you?' and this is when you order. In Starbucks
you can get your drink made exactly as you

want it. So therefore there are a few things
you need to think about when you are ordering.

Now on the side of the cup the barista has
a series of boxes that they will complete

depending on what you order. So we're going
to look at these boxes and help you to describe

the type of drink that you would like. Now
how do I know that there are boxes on the

coffee cup. Well, I mean apart from looking,
I also know because I used to work in Starbucks

many years ago. Not a lot of people know that.
First of all you have got to choose if you
want it hot or iced. As well you can also

ask for it extra hot, if you would like it
even hotter than normal. Next up is the size,

small, medium, large. In Starbucks small is
tall, medium is grande and large is venti.

Tall. Grande. Venti. The next box is your
chance to ask for decaf. Decaf is short for

decaffeinated which means no caffeine. Caffeine
is the stuff that kind of gets us awake, kind

of gives us a bit of energy, a bit of alertness.
So if you don't want caffeine in your coffee

you can ask for decaf. The next box is for
the amounts of shots of espresso that you

want. Espresso is the coffee, ok? So you might
ask for an extra shot, that's possible, so

I'll have an extra shot. Or this is your chance
to ask for more than normal so 'I'll have

a triple shot latte' that means three shots
of espresso in your latte. If you are just

ordering an espresso by itself then you could
say 'I'll have a single espresso' which is

one shot or a double espresso which is two
shots. The next box is for the syrups so things

like caramel, hazelnut, vanilla things like
that. The next box is for milk and milk comes

in lots of different types. So you've got
full fat milk which is the most fat. You've

got semi-skimmed and you've got skinny. In
Starbucks when you want the milk that has

the least fat you can say skinny so 'I'll
have a skinny latte' is a latte made with

low fat milk. So full fat, semi-skimmed or
skinny. You can also ask for extra foam or

no foam. Foam is the fluffy stuff, the bubbly
stuff that they put on top of your drink.

So you could say 'I don't want any foam' or
'Can I have extra foam' this is when you do

it. And the final box is for your drink so
if you want a cappuccino, a latte, a flat

white this is when you ask for it. Now you
could order all of those together. You could

say for example 'I'll have an extra hot, grande,
decaf, triple shot, caramel, skinny latte'

You could say all of that in one go but it
would be a bit complicated. So here's a way

to do it that's a bit easier. So firstly we
want some phrases to order politely. We've

got four. I'd like, Can I get, I'll have and
I'd love. All of those are great. So I would

start off with the essentials, I'd say 'I'd
love a venti caramel latte and can I also

get an extra shot please?' So I would start
off with the basics 'I'd love a venti caramel

latte' and then if I want to add anything
extra I would say 'and can I get an extra

shot please?' So yeah, so that's probably
what I would do. I would give them the basics

and then add any extra information afterwards
otherwise your order will be super long. So

the barista will say 'sure thing' or 'of course'
and then they'll ask you a really key question.

'Is that to have here, or to go?' So that
means do you want to have it in Starbucks

or outside. Also to take away is also often
used. So is that to have here or to take away,

both are fine. Then they'll give you the price.
They'll say 'That'll be...' and then the price.

So 'That'll be two pounds fifty' or 'That's
two pounds fifty' If you are paying with cash

when you give them the money you could say
'Here you are' or 'Here you go' or just 'thanks'

is perfectly fine. Often if I'm paying with
a card or with cash I'll just say thanks as

I pay. And at the end they'll probably say
'Have a good day' or 'Have a nice day' and

you can reply 'You too' which is basically
saying I'd like you to have a nice day as

well. Guys I think we are ready to order coffee
in my local Starbucks. Shall we do it? Alright,

let's go.
Alright guys I'm inside Starbucks and I'm
going to order my coffee so let's see if I

can put into practise what we have just looked
at. Alright, I'm just having a look at the

menu right now, seeing what I would like.
There are a lot of options. Ok, I think I

know what I want. 'Hey how are you doing?'
Hello, how are you?' 'I'm good thanks yeah,

pretty good' 'Can I get a tall skinny latte
please?' 'Would you like it to take away or

to have here?' 'To take away' I'm going to
get it to take away. 'That's 2.60 please'

'£2.60?' 'Can I pay by card?' 'Yeah sure'.
'Thank you' 'There you go' 'Thank you so much'

'Thank you'
Alright so I'm going to try my latte, cheers
guys. It's good, it's really nice. Alright,

I'm going to try a popcorn frappaccino, that
sounds amazing. 'without coffee' It's without

coffee, ok.' 'Is it super sweet?' 'Quite sweet,
ok cool. Let's try this' Ok, here it is my

popcorn frappaccino. Ok, I've got my popcorn
frappaccino, look how cute it is, it's a tiny

little thing. I think this is the taster.
It's cool so it's got some caramel on top,

whipped cream, a tiny little straw, looks
amazing. Here we go. Oh wow! Oh yeah! That's

good. Ok, getting popcorn, it's nice and cold.
it's a really hot day today, this is nice

and cold, keeps me refreshed. And it does
taste like popcorn as well, it's amazing I

kind of feel like I'm in the cinema. I should
be watching a film. This is nice.

Alright guys, that's how to order a Starbucks
coffee. Really simple, really easy. The baristas

are super helpful they want to help you as
much as they can to make it easy for you.

So yeah, that's how to do it. So I hope the
next time you go to Starbucks and you use

English you feel more confident and you order
what you want.

How cool was that, I got my drink and I got
a free caramel popcorn frappuccino. Amazing!

What a great day. Alright guys, thank you
so much for joining me. I hope you enjoyed

that, I hope you found it useful. I hope those
phrases are going to be useful for you the

next time you go to a Starbucks and speak
English. I hope that gives you confidence,

it should do. Go in there with confidence
and you'll be fine I'm absolutely sure of

it. Thank you so much, if you know anyone
that loves Starbucks, they love coffee and

they are learning English please share this
with them so that they have more confidence

when they next order their Starbucks. Thanks
so much for hanging out with me guys, remember

to subscribe as well so that you get all my
videos every Tuesday and every Friday. This

is Tom, the English Hipster, saying goodbye.
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Ordering Coffee at Starbucks | English Class

940 Folder Collection
呵呵 published on March 22, 2018
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