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  • [Narrator] Tell me if this voice sounds familiar.

  • [Man] Sweet lion of Zion!

  • [Narrator] What about this one?

  • [Man] In brightest day, in blackest night.

  • [Narrator] Okay, you definitely know this one.

  • 50 years have passed, and I do not age.

  • [Narrator] We could easily keep going through his 300 other characters

  • but let's just cut to the chase

  • and meet the man behind the voice.

  • (energetic music)

  • This is Phil LaMarr, and he's a voice actor.

  • I'd say the ones that I'm probably best known for,

  • Hermes Conrad, certified bureaucrat,

  • from the showFuturama.”

  • Great cow of Moscow!

  • Virgil, Virgil Hawkins, aka Static Shock,

  • fromStatic Shock.”

  • John Stewart, Green Lantern, fromJustice League.”

  • No evil shall escape my sight.

  • Ollie Williams, the weatherman, fromFamily Guy.”

  • Ollie Williams has the story, Ollie?

  • I'm at the wrong airport.

  • Oops, well thanks, Ollie.

  • Wilt, fromFoster's Home for Imaginary Friends.”

  • One of my favorites is Dracula

  • fromGrim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.”

  • And of course, the samurai known as Jack, from the cities of the same name.

  • He who wears a mask cannot see what lies within himself.

  • When I was working onPulp Fiction,”

  • (record scratches) [Narrator] Wait, you were inPulp Fiction”?

  • Of course, yep.

  • Here, let me jog your memory.

  • (fun surf music)

  • Marvin, Marvin, Marvin!

  • I'd knock that (expletive) off if I was you.

  • [Narrator] Ohhh, you're Marvin.

  • [Phil] And I was one of the original cast members on Fox's“MADtv.”

  • [Narrator] No way, I love MADtv.

  • Then you must have been a 14-year-old boy in the '90s.

  • [Narrator] Very funny, Phil, anyway, you were saying?

  • - With Samurai Jack I felt there should be some tie to his roots.

  • So it was a very light Japanese accent on English,

  • we began to refer to as a young Asian Clint Eastwood voice.

  • [Narrator] And Hermes fromFuturama,”

  • where did that voice come from?

  • When I first started out doing the Jamaican accent for Hermes,

  • it was pretty much a heavy puhtwah.

  • And it muddied up the comedy,

  • so eventually your Hermes accent got pulled back,

  • which is a lot easier to understand.

  • [Narrator] What about John Stewart fromJustice League”?

  • To me, if you got a chest this big,

  • you gotta have a deep voice.

  • My name is John Stewart, Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

  • [Narrator] And how about Static Shock?

  • That voice was basically just myself at 14.

  • It was just that idea of, you know, a young kid,

  • you know, who's a responsible guy but, you know,

  • he just happens to have electrical powers.

  • And to me, that is the character I relate to the most.

  • You know, Static is just, you know, me.

  • (lively jazz music)

  • The differences between stage, film, voice acting

  • are really technical.

  • If that plane leaves and you're not on it,

  • you're gonna regret it.

  • One of the benefits we have in animation is,

  • I can play this guy, and I can also play this guy.

  • You'll see what I'm talking about.

  • Just right there in the same day, same room,

  • same microphone, you know 'cause that's why we got into it, to play characters.

  • You will bow before the Kah.

  • (lively jazz music)

  • (electronic tones playing)

[Narrator] Tell me if this voice sounds familiar.

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