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We lose friends for a variety of reasons.
People move.
I don't want to move to New York.
they just have better pizza.
You get into fights.
How many times do I have to tell you
that Los Angeles has great pizza?!
Life gets crazy.
We could probably get together on...
Of January.
No matter what's the reason,
we all know what it's like to lose a friend,
and...it sucks.
It's kinda like a breakup where you have this period of being
just sad.
And you wanna call them.
And you wanna know where it all went wrong.
And you're mourning, and you're moping,
until finally one day,
you wish them well, and you move on with your life.
The first step is to self-reflect.
And to try to find something that you learned from the friendship.
Because something about mentally learning something from an experience
makes it feel whole and complete.
And, in essence, finished.
Second, don't let this experience deter you from emotionally engaging from other people.
Don't let one experience with someone
completely change how you interact with other people.
And finally,
let yourself feel the feelings.
There are so many times when our past comes up,
and we just want to push it away.
Or our first instinct is to be like,
"Oh don't think about that! FUCK THAT! FUCK. THAT."
But, it's important to give yourself permission.
So if you miss someone,
let yourself just miss them.
And, be like, "You know what, that's fine.
I really miss that person, in this moment,
but it's over for a reason."
And let yourself sit with that
for as long as you need to sit with that.
Ultimately, we're all gonna lose a lot of friends throughout our life.
But we're also gonna gain a lot of friends and a lot of experiences.
So, it works out! Hey!
Stay awesome, Gotham.
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How to Deal with Losing Friends || Anna Akana

7562 Folder Collection
Carol Chen published on April 1, 2018    Carol Chen translated    Cyndi reviewed
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