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  • Iggy, I'm obsessed with the fact that.

  • You've burned some of your ex's stuff.

  • - What was the most expensive thing you

  • lit up and did it belong to your ex fiance? - I burned it all, darling.

  • I burned a lot, and I threw stuff in the pool too. I started off with water.

  • And it just seemed like that didn't work.

  • - You needed to move on to fire. - Yeah. - What was the most

  • expensive thing you burned would you say?

  • Well, oh, like tons. Every designer you

  • could think of I've burnt. See this is what I did.

  • He was out and I used to break

  • stuff in our house and I realized that

  • I was breaking my own s**t. I was like that's stupid

  • and he doesn't he didn't care.

  • So I was like Imma find some s**t you care about.

  • And Imma start destroying that s**t. Which was his clothes

  • Yes and we had a fire pit outside

  • a nice fire pit that you can put on with the gas.

  • And you just threw it all on there?

  • - No, I didn't. I'm fair. - Oh. - I text him

  • a video and I was like: Hey I'm burning your s**t.

  • - Okay you can't say that word because... - Sorry, oh, okay.

  • - I'm burning your things. - Right.

  • And so I don't know where you're at.

  • Probably with some girls so I hope you

  • get home quickly because I'm moving on.

  • We're progressing on the spectrum of

  • cheap to expensive, but I will say expensive...

  • expensive doesn't burn well. Expensive things do not burn well.

  • All the Forever 21 just...

  • [applause] [music]

Iggy, I'm obsessed with the fact that.

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