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  • Yeah, I've never been on this street before.

  • I have no idea where we are.

  • I have a Shiba Inu named Hadley and I love her, and I take her on a walk every morning.

  • We kind of go to the same places and today is a really beautiful day outside in February.

  • It's like 60-something degrees.

  • I have a little extra time before work, so I figured I'm going to let her walk me.

  • I'm just curious to see where she takes me, if I learn something new about her.

  • Honestly I have no idea where she'll take me.

  • Before we do this, we got to set up some ground rules.

  • One, you're gonna be in charge of where we go.

  • But two, you will not be allowed to step into traffic.

  • I will not put you into that unsafe situation.

  • Ready to go? Kisses.

  • And we're off.

  • Our first intersection, gotta wait for these cars.

  • Where we going now?

  • She's taking us on our normal route.

  • Hadley are you confused?

  • So this is maybe gonna teach me a lot of patience, 'cause I'm like why are you just sitting there?

  • But she's walking now, we're going this way?

  • So Hadley seems to wanna sit, do some people watching.

  • It's really hot.

  • Cute. You're so cute.

  • She got up, but I don't think she knows where she wants to go.

  • Nope, this way?

  • I think we're heading to a park, We don't go to this park that often.

  • At least not during the week because it's kinda far.

  • We've been walking like an hour and normally our morning walks are a half hour.

  • I'm tired.

  • Where are we Hadley?

  • Did you take us to a park?

  • Yeah, you're so happy.

  • Good girl. Yeah.

  • I'm just waiting while she takes a sit.

  • It makes me kind of self reflective.

  • She's making me stop while she smells the roses, or in this case, dead grass.

  • I'm gonna try to just sit, and people watch with her in this dirt pile.

  • Now were moving.

  • I'm just gonna move my feet a little to just let her know, I'm cool with leaving, but like no pressure. See now she's moving.

  • I do feel closer to her.

  • I feel like were listening to each other more.

  • Now the real test is to see if she's gonna be able to take me home.

  • I have no idea where we are.

  • Hoping she knows a better way home and I don't know about it.

  • All right.

  • Hadley do you know where we are?

  • I'm gonna try to not use my google maps or anything 'cause I want to trust in the Shib.

  • Might be really dumb.

  • I've never been on this street before.

  • Would I recommend this at this point in the journey?

  • No.

  • We're back to the same street corner that we came from.

  • Maybe she's not taking us home and I was just hopeful.

  • Maybe she doesn't know how to get home.

  • Probable, 'cause she's a dog.

  • Now I've been doing this for two hours.

  • I'm not home yet.

  • Hi, hi, hi, hi.

  • I finally recognize the street that were on.

  • I think were going home.

  • Am I proud of my impatience? No.

  • It's a red light.

  • It's about the journey, not the destination, right Hadley?

  • I believe she could curse but I'm inconclusive.

  • We're doing it, we're home.

  • Oh my god, thank god.

  • Right Had? You ready to go in?

  • So were back from our adventure.

  • It was two and a half hours.

  • She listens to me more than I thought, and waits for my cues, which is really good.

  • Also I need to maybe stop brushing.

  • It was nice to kind of just take a sit in the park, and people watch before work.

  • We can learn a lot from dogs.

  • I know I'm a crazy dog person, but like, look at this face, how cute is she?

  • Would you do it again?

  • I'm gonna take that as a maybe.

Yeah, I've never been on this street before.

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I Let My Dog Walk Me For A Day

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