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I'm Nicole Kidman and I am going to eat
a full course meal of bugs.
I am here to reveal my hidden talents, eating micro livestock.
Hornworms, they're still alive.
Mmm it's good in there, mmm very moist, chewy.
Can't quite describe the flavor, but a little
water...? Stop, try the second guy shall we?
Just a little side note, two billion
people in the world eat bugs and I'm one
of them. This here we go, some mealworms.
I'm telling you, I'd win survival.
That is a fruity taste. I'd recommend it.
Here we have... oh, crickets! Oh, nothing.
Oh, oh awesome, like nothing you've ever tasted.
Like a hairy nut. Sorry... oh my gosh,
and not from the shell. And now for
Mmm, the fried grasshopper. These are
amazing. These are exquisite grasshoppers.
I recommend them, the only one.
Thank you for spending so much time
with me and watching me eat bugs.
Till next time.
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Nicole Kidman Eats Bugs | Secret Talent Theatre | Vanity Fair

9589 Folder Collection
jenny published on April 8, 2018    jenny translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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