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  • What do you think of Whirlpool vs Hitachi refrigerators?

  • If you asked about a Hitachi TV, I'd say sure. For a refrigerator, I think you need to chill

  • out for a minute.

  • Refrigerators are supposed to be cold. Or freezing, even.

  • If you are looking at lists of the top fridges, you'll see GE, Whirlpool, LG, sometimes Haier.

  • So Whirlpool is one of the top fridge makers. That's one of the reasons I was looking into

  • them.

  • Whirlpool's 1100 dollar top freezer model was the second best fridge according to Consumer

  • Reports in 2014.

  • Where's Hitachi on the list?

  • Not even in the top ten.

  • I would be happy with another model, like a bottom freezer.

  • The Whirlpool Gold was the best in that model. Even Maytag managed to do better than Hitachi

  • in that category, and they are not even very reliable.

  • What if I got one of those fancy French door models?

  • Whirlpool's Gold edition came in sixth, and it managed to get a Best Buy rating from Consumer

  • Reports. Hitachi is not even in the top twenty.

  • Where were they on the list?

  • If they are not in the top twenty, who cares what ranking they had?

  • I could get a side by side model.

  • Whirlpool was not even in the top seven or eight there. It actually managed to be beaten

  • by DCS.

  • Where's Hitachi?

  • Hitachi wasn't in the top ten, so who cares?

  • You're kind of like the average Google searcher -- if you have to scroll down, it is too much

  • work.

  • No, but I figure the Consumer Reports listings are good enough to say if it is not in the

  • top dozen or so, not to bother with it.

  • With pretty much no information on Hitachi.

  • You now know Whirlpool is better than Hitachi across the board. And that's all you need

  • to know.

What do you think of Whirlpool vs Hitachi refrigerators?

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Whirlpool vs Hitachi Refrigerators

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