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What do you think of Whirlpool vs Hitachi refrigerators?
If you asked about a Hitachi TV, I'd say sure. For a refrigerator, I think you need to chill
out for a minute.
Refrigerators are supposed to be cold. Or freezing, even.
If you are looking at lists of the top fridges, you'll see GE, Whirlpool, LG, sometimes Haier.
So Whirlpool is one of the top fridge makers. That's one of the reasons I was looking into
Whirlpool's 1100 dollar top freezer model was the second best fridge according to Consumer
Reports in 2014.
Where's Hitachi on the list?
Not even in the top ten.
I would be happy with another model, like a bottom freezer.
The Whirlpool Gold was the best in that model. Even Maytag managed to do better than Hitachi
in that category, and they are not even very reliable.
What if I got one of those fancy French door models?
Whirlpool's Gold edition came in sixth, and it managed to get a Best Buy rating from Consumer
Reports. Hitachi is not even in the top twenty.
Where were they on the list?
If they are not in the top twenty, who cares what ranking they had?
I could get a side by side model.
Whirlpool was not even in the top seven or eight there. It actually managed to be beaten
by DCS.
Where's Hitachi?
Hitachi wasn't in the top ten, so who cares?
You're kind of like the average Google searcher -- if you have to scroll down, it is too much
No, but I figure the Consumer Reports listings are good enough to say if it is not in the
top dozen or so, not to bother with it.
With pretty much no information on Hitachi.
You now know Whirlpool is better than Hitachi across the board. And that's all you need
to know.
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Whirlpool vs Hitachi Refrigerators

213 Folder Collection
jack20010207 published on March 19, 2018
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