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The Dar El Ashaa Radiology and Imaging Center is a facility owned and directed by highly
experienced professors and staff members of the University of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine.
Most of the Government run hospitals and part of the private centers in Alexandria do not
have highly sophisticated imaging equipment, so they refer their patients for scans, imaging
and diagnosis to the Dar el Ashaa Center.
Hello my name is Professor Ihab Reda and I am Professor in Radiodiagnosis in Alexandria
Faculty of Medicine and Board Vice President at the Dar El Ashaa which is an Imaging Center
in Alexandria.
We carry out medical examinations and imaging for thousands of patients, diagnose their
condition so that their doctors and consultants can recommend the correct medical treatment.
We carry out CT and MRI scans, Radiography, Angiography and Ultrasonography. Over the
past few years the demand for medical imaging has increased significantly, so we now have
five imaging Centers in Alexandria to cope with this increasing demand.
Our aim is to reach a precise diagnosis of the patient's condition utilising the safest,
fastest and most cost effective imaging technique.
We aim to give the very best possible care to our patients at all times and in the quickest,
most convenient way possible.
To do this we need to be at the leading edge of medical imaging at all times.
For our medical equipment we have worked for many years with a trusted supplier called
BM Egypt.
BM Egypt are the leading supplier of medical equipment in Egypt.
It supplies hospitals and medical practices throughout the whole of Egypt, from its four
branches in Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura and Assiut.
This is where they deal with Hitachi. Because Hitachi are the leaders in Ultrasound equipment
and have pioneered the development of Open MRI Scanners.
Hello, my name is Mahmoud Elsadek, I am the Marketing Director for BM Egypt.
Our mission is to deliver top quality products in a timely, courteous and professional manner.
We strive to not only meet our customers' expectations but to exceed them.
To do this we work with the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies,
acting as agents and importers into Egypt.
Because we offer our customers only the very best quality equipment, we are happy to recommend
Hitachi, because we know it is the highest quality and very reliable. This is critical
in the medical field.
Hello, my name is Keiichi Sawada, I am General Manager, Sales, of Hitachi Medical Systems
Middle East, based here in Cairo. We are part of Hitachi Medical Corporation, in Tokyo.
There is a great need for improved healthcare in the region. The population is growing and
placing greater demands on the existing healthcare facilities and there is a need for more than
10,000 extra hospital beds.
We work closely with business partners in the region and one of them is BM Egypt, who
introduced us to the Dar El Ashaa Radiology and Imaging Center in Alexandria. They had
a very interesting challenge that we were happy to take up.
Hitachi Medical Corporation is committed to a global healthcare business that supports
a healthy and safe society and it is also committed to delivering advanced medical solutions.
Hitachi continually invest in cutting edge research and its worldwide research and development
facilities employ over 3,000 specialists, who believe in an innovative broad technology
ethos and are dedicated to delivering advanced and practical medical solutions.
Hitachi Medical Systems Middle East covers a large geographic area including in the Middle
East: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Yemen,
Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.
In Africa it covers Libya, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Djibouti, and South Sudan.
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Overview :Hitachi Medical Systems Solution for Medical Imaging in Egypt - Hitachi

114 Folder Collection
jack20010207 published on March 19, 2018
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