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Ahh, if only my voice could shine like a star...
A light above to carry my love down to you
wherever you are...
and then, you'd send your wishes into the night...
But if we could, then what would it be?
What kind of words would you say to me?
I gotta' know, so let's look to the sky
and we'll let it out on the count of Three!
Ahh, they say, "Every wish you make will be heard!"
but through the years, I lost my faith in the words.
I can't remember how or when
or why I stopped believin'
There must've been a reason...
Ahh, the rain has stopped!
A single droplet's shape begins to glow!
The light it made creating a rainbow!
And when we're gone and scattered to the air
I know it's not the end, no
I know we'll meet again somewhere!
Let's forget our time!
High-five the lives we never led!
We'll give a kiss!
Lay on their lips the words we left unsaid!
And even if they're lost to time and space,
until we meet again, until that day...
You and I look into the sky!
We already know what to say!
"It's nice to meet you!
Please, can you tell me Your Name?"
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ENGLISH "Dream Lantern" Your Name. (Akane Sasu Sora)

642 Folder Collection
Makoto published on March 19, 2018
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