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what is up guys hey thank you so much
for clicking on the video this is
Vanessa here coming at you with a curvy
girl life hacks which is every for every
curvy girl every curvy girl out there
should know these life hacks and these
are my top five curvy girl life hacks and
I personally use and swear by them to
the death so here we go guys I'm going
to give you guys my top five curvy girl
life hacks if you liked the video don't
forget to give the video a huge thumbs
up it does help me out tons don't forget
to subscribe share comment all that good
stuff and let's get on with the video so my first
number-one curvy girl life hack is
if you haven't heard of Spanx who knows
rock you've been living under because
thanks seriously guys are lifesavers now
you have to get the legit Spanx okay
guys I have right here these Spanx the
real deal
Spanx and and their celebrities use
these things for a reason it smooths out
everything you have tummy pouch smooths
it up you got a little sidewalk on top
whatever smoothes it out so trust me get
you a pair of spanxs you will not be
upset with your purchase seriously it's
like the best it is the best and they're
super durable this is my second pair of
Spanx and I've had Spanx for over for
four to five years probably and I swear
by these they make any dress any look
fantastic okay girls get you a pair so
the next hack is actually high waisted
leggings and pants high waisted leggings
and hands will smooth out everything if
you have a little bit of muffin top if
you have a little stomach don't worry
get you a pair of high waisted leggings
or jeans and it is like night and day so
make sure that if you are a curvy girl
you have a little bit of stomach that
you go and you get high-waisted jeans
everyone flatter your body it will it
will taper in your curves and your
stomach and accentuate your waist giving
you an hourglass figure so make sure you
get high waisted jeans and leggings your
friend Vanessa you know pick this hip
you're welcome all right so my next
actual hack is actually chafing bomb
and this is called body glide now a lot
of people use baby powder and other
people use like maybe oil and all the
other extra stuff and deodorant know
just buy this this is body glide whatever
thing this is anti chaise bomb and I
actually got this for when I used to run
half-marathons because Lord when you're
freaking thighs rub together it is the
worst experience and most uncomfortable
you get that chafing thing people call
it like chub rub or whatever that's the
first time I've ever heard of that
statement I call it chafing and I guess
the scientific and technical term is
shaking so that's what I'm going to use
now I use this in the summer when I'm
wearing shorts for dresses whatever and
it's super
easiest quite and it goes on clear you
know whereas to do super easy cleanup
I can put this in my purse in my
backpack whatever and it's really easy
to have and to just take out their money
to put a little bit on the inside parts
of my thighs and boom last for 45 plus
hours or even longer and then I can just
take it out whenever I need to reapply
this is school this is seriously key and
clutch when you are at the beach I know
for my Kirby coats if you get out of the
beach like that's it you're in salt
water you get out of the beach then
you're like walking around in your
thighs we're all against each other it
is seems worse and it is so bad when the
salt water I don't even want to imagine
right now it's just a system I'm in pain
thinking about that stuff so this is
honestly a lifesaver I've been taking me
in all of my vacations anywhere I go out
the pool whatever we even just in the
summer because you know when you sweat
you know in communion times because you
know you got a little extra extra so
make sure that you guys pick this up you
can get to set any sports store Dick's
else's Sports Authority or not even a
business like that
pick anything Walmart probably just get
anti chase gone super easy they even
come in like little small travel size
one so if you want to put in here in
person be discreet
super easy to clean you don't get any
messy stuff horror on your hands or
anything so my number one for the
chub-rub slash change my next tip is
actually for your waist a lot of people
I constantly see them doing like this
side crunching movement at the gym to
make their waist look smaller and to get
rid of muffin top or whatever that's the
worst things you can do do not do
weighted sit up thingies looking
crunches don't side touches just don't
do them they are really bad unless you
want a really big chubby looking
muscular waist if that's your goal and
cool but if you actually want to
accentuate your curves don't do weighted
side crunches I see too many people at
the gym especially girls doing weighted
side crunches thinking that those are
going to be like the miracle no those
are actually really bad when all you're
doing is putting even more muscle that's
going to make your waist even thicker so
don't do it ladies I'm warning y'all
just get rid of the weight don't do no
suck you know girl going like this I'm
old you don't do it trust me okay bad so
the last tip that I have for you guys is
actually what I do is I tie up boxy
t-shirts okay guys so now if you have
curves and let's say you're going to the
and you are wearing with these boxy
t-shirts and they just make you look all
rectangular like if you have absolutely
no shape when you know you got some
shape on you
so I actually recommend tying up your
shirts if you feel comfortable doing so
if not you know it's totally up to you
tie up your shirts in the waist section
it actually accentuates your waist so it
does accentuate your natural waist and
it looks a lot better than if you were
to just wear that shirt regular to make
sure that you tie it up actually show
you guys how I prefer to wear it and
it's super easy especially if you're
wearing high-waisted jeans or highways
but leggings it's super cute because not
only wear your stomach not really be a
center of attention but your waist will
actually be the center of attention
because it makes that waist I hope you
guys enjoyed the video those are all my
top five curvy girl life hacks that I
use literally almost every day all the
time whenever I need you know just look
slimmer without actually you know
working out or anything
so I hope you guys enjoyed the video
don't forget to give the video huge
thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and
if you guys have any other ideas on any
other life hacks or curvy girl life
hacks that you would like to see make
sure to leave a comment down below we'd
love to hear what you guys have to say
and I'll see you guys in the next one
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Curvy Life Hacks | Top 5 Life Hacks for Everyday

74 Folder Collection
Caurora published on March 17, 2018
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