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- Hello everyone and welcome
back to English With Lucy.

You read the title,
today I'm going to show you
10 fashion designer names

that you, yes you, are
pronouncing incorrectly.

And I've bet you've come here like,
"Oh yeah, let's see, let's
see, what this British girl

"with missing finger nails
is gonna accuse me of."

Well, you might surprise yourself,
because I surprised myself
whilst doing the research
for these videos.

I am by no means a fashion expert.
I am however extremely
interested in pronunciation

and I know a lot of you guys are as well
and you want to sound like you
know what you're talking about.
So a lot of you will be here
because you want to improve
your English speaking

and pronunciation and you want
to sound more professional when
talking about these brands.

If you'd like to take your
English a step further,

than I really, really recommend Audible.
When it comes to improving
your pronunciation,

sometimes reading just isn't enough.
But listening to audiobooks really
shows you how each word is pronounced.
So, there's a link in the description box.
You can click on it
and you can sign up for

a 30 day free trial and a free audiobook.
And I've got some recommendations in
there for audiobooks read
with a British English accent

and also an American accent as well.
So you can choose whichever
is more relevant for you.

That being said, let's get
started with the video.

Now the first one is this one.
What a gorgeous brand, I've always,
always wanted one of their fancy belts.
I've never been able
to justify one, though.

This one I used to pronounced it Hermes.
But, upon doing my research,
I found out that it should
be pronounced Hermes.

Hermes, Hermes.
And that's because it's a French designer
and the H is silent.
The next one, this one, oh my god.
I've heard so many variations for
the pronunciation of this brand.
I'll give you a clue,
the founder of the brand
was called Adolf Dassler.

Adolf Dassler and his nickname was Adi.
So the brand is an infusion of
his nickname and his surname,

his nickname Adi and his surname Das.
I sometimes hear Adidas
and Adidas or Adidas.

But yeah, it should be Adidas.
The next one, another french one.
One that I'm likely to butcher.
It is, what I would
originally call Balmain.

But it should actually be
pronounced Balmain, Balmain.

The Frenchies don't like pronouncing
the N at the end of words.
Balmain, Balmain.
I think I need a French lesson.
Then we have this one.
Like many of you, I
imagine, I looked and this

and I thought Loewe.
I thought it was gonna be called Loewe.
But it's not.
It's a Spanish brand and that
W is actually pronounced vuh.

So, it is Loewe.
That's a sexy word.
The next one.
It isn't Moschino.
It is not Moschino.
It is actually pronounced
Moschino, Moschino.

Which is because it's an Italian brand.
And anything with S, C, H,
I is ski, ski, Moschino.

There's something on my floor.
It's Versace.
Actually, it's not Versace.
It's an Italian word,
so it should be Versace.

The next one, it's not Nike.
It is Nike.
The next one is less Thierry Mugler
and it's more Thierry Mugler.
We also have instead of
Saint Laurent, Saint Laurent.

Saint Laurent.
Now the difficulty with
this is the French ruh,

the French R sound which is a ruh,
ruh, from the back, I find
it very difficult to produce.

We also have one that is really,
really commonly mispronounced in the UK.
And the reason we know
we mispronounce it is

because Rachel worked there in Friends.
It should be Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren.
But we for some reason
pronounce it Ralph Lauren.

Another difficult one is Givenchy.
That one's a tongue twister.
Now the next one, it's
not a fashion brand.

But it is a luxury item.
And this is what we would
call in the UK, Porsche.

But it should actually be
pronounced with two syllables.

It should actually be pronounced Porsche.
And I checked with my boyfriend,
who's really into cars

and he said Porsche as well,
when it should be Porsche.

So yeah, really common mistake.
But bear that one in mind.
That's it for today's
video, I hope you liked it

and I hope you learned something.
Don't forget to connect with
me on all of my social media.

I've got my Facebook,
I've got my Instagram

and I've got my Twitter and I will see
you soon for another lesson.
(house music)
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12 Brands YOU pronounce INCORRECTLY

671 Folder Collection
Amanda Chang published on March 17, 2018
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