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Back when I was still in university,
I didn't have the money to live in downtown Toronto and close to the campus, so the only choice
I had was to commute two hours from home to attend school,
so almost every day for four years my commute consisted of:
Walking to the bus stop from my house which took about 10 to 15 minutes,
Riding the bus to square one mall, where I had to transfer to another bus that took me to the train station,
Riding the train to union station in downtown Toronto, and then from there
I could either spend three dollars to take the subway that stops pretty much at my campus or,
Walk the rest which took about 25 minutes, but for a broke university student, you know you gonna walk.
Viewer: DANG DOM!
Actually! I tried my best to be unconscious from most of the Commute, because being an
Archi-TORTURE student who has to spend four hours of their day traveling you know I might be using that time to catch up on sleep!
Which wasn't always the best thing to do since I ended up missing my stop a few times and having to walk back...
Making me even more tired, and then by the time I get home I'd have no energy to finish my homework,
So then I pass out and wake up with the sun shining rays of disappointment at my face.
There was one time when I had to take the Go train in the morning to catch an 8 a.m. class,
Huh, I slept at like 3 a.m. the night or morning of because of a project,
So I was pretty dead and wanted to savor all the sleep I can get on the 30-minute ride.
Now union station is the supposed last stop on the route, okay? So one of three things happened upon arriving:
One, I wake up by the time or before we arrive! Cool!
Two, the strangers around me are willing to wake me up knowing I probably don't want to stay in the train and
Probably have somewhere to be! Cool! And then what happened that day,
Number Three!
No one wakes me up. I remain unconscious...
Uncool! (Damn Straight)
Obviously, not their fault you know that's
That's just need failing at life... I don't know how long I was out
Out? Ouuut?
No, no, we don't say OOT
I'm saying it right! Out!
Yeah Out... But by the time I woke up the train was moving again. Not back in the direction where I live,
But past union station towards through who knows where! So I panicked... (Good Meme)
I didn't know what to do, there was no one around me,
I wasn't in immediate danger, but I needed to get the hell out of there,
So I hit the emergency button, train stops, doors open, and a worker who runs to my cart, "Whoa! Whoa!
what, what, what, happened?"
(Fart noise) Uh... I-I uh fell asleep... (Rip Domics)
Get out of here!
Okay sorry...
Commuting Via public transit can be
Enough as it is, but it doesn't help when bus drivers can be so savage and just not give a F*** if you don't make it
On time! Like okay, I get it,
They gotta stick to a schedule they they have guidelines to follow yeah,
But if the schedule says that the bus is arriving at 1:40 p.m., I'd say
It's safe to assume a five minute window before and after for the bus to arrive giving good weather and accounting for some traffic,
But if I'm walking towards my bus stop, okay, like I see it in the distance
And I see that a bus is already there at 1:30 p.m.. I shouldn't be going... "Eh, Is that my bus?
please let that not be my bus. That's gotta be like the 1:20 bus running late, right?
okay, that that's probably my bus
Is it worth sprinting for?
All right, we running boys! And there it goes!
MOTHERFU**A!, and then I'm forced to wait for the next one which is sometimes only another 10 to 15 minutes and sometimes another 10 to
15 centuries. I mentioned good weather as a contributing factor earlier
I live in the Toronto area where our winters can really be problematic for the roads... One time!
I had to wait for the go bus at the station because trains only run during rush hours and
That particular day was like a day or two after a blizzard so roads were pretty bad
But I still had to get to school! Because you can't be a little BITCH! And skip class one each semester cost like Eight Grand!
So I'm at my stop waiting in the shed, negative 15 degrees Celsius outside..
Bus is supposed to come at 11:05 a.m.. It was 11:10 AM
All right, yeah, it's cool. Roads are pretty bad I get it
11:25 AM
Okay, oh, yeah, okay? Yeah. Yeah, there was probably some sort of accident on the road. Yeah...
But the bus should still be on its way
11:40 AM can't feel my toes. Maybe I should have worn thicker socks
11:55 AM, I regret my life choices. I probably should have stayed home today
12:10 PM
Bus still hasn't arrived by that time enough people have gathered and we're probably worth
Maybe like four or five cycles worth of people... I overheard others discussing
What was wrong some called the helpline and reported that there were some major issues with buses breaking down and whatnot and that they will
Be sending other buses ASAP, but could take another 20 to 30 minutes
Alright! Time to weed out the weak from the rest of the herd! Let's wait it out! at this point
I was way past late for my class anyway, but I had too much pride to give up so I sucked it up
We're already committed let's go. I lost a sense of feel in most of my body anyway. What's 30 more minutes?
12:25 PM The bus turns into the station. There's maybe 200 of us waiting the bus is pulling up! And...
It stops at the back of the line...
Why would you do that?? There was a moment of hesitation when we the people at the front of line were like...
"No way that this bus driver. Is that dumb...
right?" And then he opened the doors...
I pretty much got trampled, because everyone rushed to the back to get on the bus
I was honestly too tired to even fight for it
I mean after the cluster F*** of people managed to fit in the bus the driver told the rest of us that more are coming in
Like five minutes so okay. Yeah, I guess it wasn't too bad...
Except the next bus did the same damn thing
Oh! Baby!
What have we got here? Hey? That looks like a loot crate box. That's exactly what it is!
But what is it? What, what?
What do you mean you you just called it, a lo- you knew what it would what?
Alright! You obviously don't know how to do this so let me just take over, okay? Alright? Alright!
Loot crate is a monthly subscription box service that contains a bunch of exciting Geek, Gamer and Pop-Culture items! (Tell them how much it is!)
Yo chill that I'll get to that... Less than $20! (In the USA...)
Yeah, what he said meaning each month you get six to eight items ranging from licensed gear apparel to other collectible items that are
Worth over $50 in retail value. When's the cutoff? You have until the 19th of any months at 9:00 p.m. PST
To subscribe and receive that month's crate, and then it'll be automatic after that
But what if I wait until after 9 PM? Then you lost your chance on that crate forever...!
But you can always look forward to the next month
There's always at least one thing that will interest you
So sign up at Lootcrate.com/Domics and enter the code DOMICS to save 10% on any new subscription
How do they know what they're gonna get though?
Well you see each month has its own theme this month being Dystopia
Contains items such as the aerodyne police car and police badge from Blade Runner a fallout 4 Headset and a mirror's Edge wristwatch
Wow! Someone give that one bus driver one of these because he sure as hell didn't come to my stop on time! (You right)
But hey! If you miss out on this box you can look forward to the next box of which the theme is Futuristic
You can expect things from Star Trek Futurama, Megaman
And Rick and Morty! As seriously I need season 3 of Rick and Morty soon... (Already out! Why are you watching this? GO WATCH IT)
Please... And if none of these interests you loot crate also offers other genres such as Gaming, Pets and Anime!
Once again, that's Lootcrate.com/Domics with the code DOMICS to save 10% on you subscriptions!
(Go watch Rick and Morty now, it's funny)
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Public Transit

138 Folder Collection
葉如芸 published on March 16, 2018
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