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He-rro Everyone!!!!
I'm in Iceland! We just landed. Uh, we rented a car
Marzia is here. I brought her along. You know,
I've let her come to this trip
And, uh, right now we're going to drive to Reykjavik!
We're at the hotel. It's about 5:30. It's a really cozy hotel. We've got a little window here
Which you can climb out of if you want to-
(strained) Definitely a good idea.
I don't think I'm supposed to do this.
Can you help me?

I bought this...
"Katla" named after the mother of Icelandic volcanoes.
If you're swedish, you know Katla is, like, the creepy dragon from...
Bröderna Lejonhjärta
Marzia: Oh, Bröderna Lejonhjärta?!
Oh, Bröderna Lejonhjärta! Of course! I love them!
Katla was the dragon, and I was so scared of Katla.
Just gonna have a little bit.
That's -- very nice.
Probably the best thing about Iceland so far is the internet.
It's really fast.
(Darude - Sandstorm playing)
*bass drops and all that jazz*
Holy shit, this internet is amazing!
How is this- hotel internet? I just have to go to Iceland to get proper internet. How about that!
Goddamn boi!
This is so bizarre
Because I really feel like I'm in Sweden right now,
but something went horribly wrong
I'm joking, it's very nice. I really like it. I feel like home. We're just walking to the City Centre
We don't really know where, we're just..
Marzia: We're following the church
We're following the church.
Gotta hit that "God church," *ASCENDED* am I right Marzia?
Marzia: Mhmmm
She says yes, everybody. Marzia: yes :D
We found the God church. We're going to get on top of it,
and we're gonna dab on all of the Icelandic haters.
♪♪♪*ORGANS PLAYING*♪♪♪ (the piano kind not actual organs)
We're going to the top. That was so cool by the way
So windy, Oh my god!
Jesus Christ, I didn't expect this
Okay, AHHHH, I have to hold on
to stand up here.
It's less windy here. It's so nice and sunny, but it's really cold
Just like Sweden. I'm home goddammit.
I just realized I forgot to dab on them
dammit [I have been disappointed before but not as much as I am now Felix]
Where did Marzia go?
I'm free, finally.
*heavy breathing into camera*
Oh, look at that.
I found you.
Oh my god! What i-- I didn't realize -- what the hell is that?
Marzia: Help me!
*laughs* I just walked as well-
Marzia: No, I'm scared
*laughs* Good job
Amazing. I'm clapping.
I feel so Icelandic with these "ice glasses", (Marzia: yeah) and... "Ice glasses"?
Eyeglasses? Sunglasses.
Marzia: (laughs) What else could it be?
I guess that's the thing [it's a person too pewds]
Oh, wow where did my jacket go? That's so weird
I am so excited cause they have proper fish soup here, like the real- the real deal.
It's not as good as Sweden [just marry Sweden already forget Marzia]
How is it so light outside? I forgot -- Oh yeah, we're in Iceland. It's like light all the time 8 o'clock it's it?
What?! It's 8 o'clock, it's 9 o'clock! Can you believe it's nine, and it's so bright?
Marzia: Oh, it's so cute!
It's a sh-nake
It's a sh-nake, everybody.
Guys, if you go near me, I will kill you.
I will dab on you, you hater!
Oh my god, that's terrifying!
I'm really loving Iceland so far. I keep getting recognized even though I'm like this
I don't believe it like how one guy was like I "recognize your beard!"
But everyone is really lovely, everyone is really nice. It's really cool.
I ate way too much food man.
Oh my God. Yes! ohh *Swedish mumble*
Oh my god, yeah.
We had some extra time this morning, and we decided to go to this whale museum
It's not really planned, but it's really cool
*dolphin sounds*
Cool, it's a narwhal, damn
We're going on a helicopter tour
They said it was a bit windy. That's why they delayed it this morning. So-- and it is really windy
So...we's gonna die.
There's our helicopter
Here we gooo! I'm super exciteeed!
We landed...
Oh my god, my legs are all shaky
It's windy
Apparently, we're walking to Mordor... hehehe
It's so windy, too.
I think these rocks are hot?
Oh, it feels hot...
Ohhh, ahhhh
Did you enjoy that?
Marzia: Yeah, it was cool
I'm a little motion sick, but it was really fun. It was super fun. The scenery was amazing.
Marzia: My hair is insane
Even my beard is like going everywhere
This restaurant is so cool. You see all of Iceland,
-They have fish soup.
This is the best food.
UK, you suck at fish I'm going to say now that's right.
I guess today is like the scenic day because we're doing all this
visual stuff
tomorrow we're doing more
I'm so happy whenever I get a beer and a fish soup, and I'm just like feel gooooood
*Whale dying*
Marzia: Hey
Hey, what's up
Marzia: We're going into a cave
It's like walking into a...like walking into a- like walking into a fridge
Ah- My Hat!
Oh my god
It's cool! Very cool.
Marzia: I'm freezing!
My nose is so red!
Oh My God, it's so cool. Okay. Should we just go? It's just too cold
Ahhh, I never want to be cold again!
Feels so good to be out.
We really just stopped for food, but we got a little a glacier tour as well.
Very nice!
Marzia: Golden circle!
We're doing the golden circle. Well, that's gonna take...
(whispers) five hours, but she doesn't know
Marzia: NO IT'S NOT!
We are here the first stop, at the geyser, heheh.
This is what its like
It smells very nice. You feel that sulfur smell.
It just went off
Marzia: I saw it! That was amazing!
That's so cool. So that's the big one...
The big geyser, heheh
fuck, we just missed it!
I mean I saw it, you guys missed it. Whatever, I don't care about you guys.
Okay, so we reached the end of the circle
So we have the exact same amount of time back. I know why I'm saying this because it doesn't matter to you
We're at our second destination. Which is the waterfall Gullfoss, which I think means Golden Falls, maybe?
So cool
Oh my god, I'm getting water splashing my face
That's so cool!
Oh my god!
I'm getting so wet!
That's insane
Oh is the camera battery gone?
So pretty. I never- never expected to see something like this. I don't know if you can hear me, but it's cool
Today was such a memorable nice day. I think now we're gonna hope for some northern lights because we're up pretty late
We're probably not-- we're not going to see anything, but we have an equally exciting day tomorrow, and I'll see you then
Can't really see it on camera, but it's there
I see them. Ooooooh shit
Is it better- Oh I see them
That's cool.
Ooooh shit!
Oh my god. So blurry. Focus...
Can you see them? Woahhh
So cool
It's like it's dancing
Okay, so we're going, uh, whale hunting now
Marzia: Hunting?
We're gonna kill the whales
After we turn left and then right
The whales will die
Apparently, there's a running thing going on
Marzia: A marathon?
I don't know, but we got to walk the final bit. We're here at the harbor
Okay we're all dressed up
We just spotted one- Ahhhh!
They show themselves so briefly it's hard to capture them
For fuck's sake
That was really cool
Marzia: I loved it!
You loved it? Marzia: Mmhmm
We saw a couple whales
Got a nice boat ride. Marzia: Yeah, I'm freezing!
It's very cold but it was very nice
Now we're going to the blue lagoon. Which you may have seen like,
all the celebrities go to
Anyway, it looks like we're driving at this car commercial road right now
"Wanna buy the new Kia?"
"Pewdiepie drives a Kia"
I don't drive a Kia. But if you wanna pay me, Kia... ;)
And how could I forget! It's our anniversary!
Six year anniversary so we're going to a nice restaurant at Blue Lagoon as well
Are we going to a...
Evil villain layer, or -- What's happening?
Okay, so we're in the blue lagoon
And we're in this, uh, private area and, like, we have our own...
It's very nice
Very nice [Borat style]
Ooh it's hot! It's REALLY hot!
Marzia: Really? Felix: Yeah
he said between 38 to 40 degree- Ooooh it feels so-
(gasp) ooh!
Marzia: Wait, we're supposed to wash ourselves first!
Oh, shit. Did I not do that?
Oops. I'm sorry, Iceland.
Do you like this?
Marzia: No.
You like this Marzia?
Marzia: No.
I look like a wet cat.
Oh, my god it feels so good!
Ooo, it's cold. The contrast of hot and cold.
Marzia: It's nice
My God, it's so amazing look --
We're outside
I love this.
Sooo nice.
Oh my god! It's like heaven!
Can I float?
Not really
It's what I expected, and more
(Very Nice Gibberish)
How do I look?
This is the same stuff that's in the water
This is my thumbnail, I feel like
We've been here for a couple hours now. It's dark
Marzia: *sneeze*
Marzia: Thank you
It's so nice. I love this
Oh my god, my hair!
I think, uh, we're going home now. We're leaving tomorrow
But this is an amazing trip. I really, really, REALLY loved Iceland, it is amazing
And I hope you enjoyed coming along
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*decides to become one with Iceland*
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we finally did it!

765 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on March 14, 2018
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