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  • VerseQuence - Bloom

  • A Response to Wilt

  • Stuck in a place without you

  • Don't know If I stay or I move

  • My mind is filled with thoughts of you

  • and they can't be erased

  • So how do I live without doubt?

  • How do I live without you?

  • And how do I walk on this path?

  • Knowing I may not walk through with you?

  • Why is it always me?

  • Cursed with these blasted tears?

  • And then I open my eyes

  • So wide awake, wide awake

  • I feel a shiver

  • Shiver

  • Shiver

  • Shiver

  • It's the warmth of the rain

  • In the middle of nowhere

  • I just twirl around

  • twirl around

  • the lamps got dimmer

  • dimmer

  • dimmer

  • dimmer

  • I trip then I fall

  • Battling a monster called life

  • not knowing If I could get by

  • Don't know which is wrong or which is right

  • I want to be by your side

  • So how do I live on with hope?

  • How do I live on with dreams?

  • And how do I hop from a star

  • To the moon, before it all fades

  • Please tell me it's not true

  • That now I can't be with you?

  • I cannot open my eyes

  • please go away, go away

  • I feel a shiver

  • Shiver

  • shiver

  • shiver

  • The rain then turns to snow

  • In the middle of nowhere

  • I try to twirl around, twirl around

  • wasting the seconds

  • Seconds

  • seconds

  • seconds

  • Hear the clock ticks away

  • As the world spins around

  • I'm still frozen in place

  • I can't move, I can't move

  • And then a light comes my way

  • I reach and ask

  • Is that you, is that you?

  • Suddenly the darkness (suddenly the darkeness)

  • Is swallowed and gone

VerseQuence - Bloom

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VerseQuence - Bloom | A Response to Wilt

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    余明翰 posted on 2018/03/13
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