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  • We are here in Gappo Koen in Aomori City to do some Hanami.

  • Hanami means Flower viewing, but it is when people get together to celebrate the coming

  • of spring marked by the opening of the cherry blossoms. In Aomori the opening of the flowers

  • is especially welcome after the harsh winter.

  • While the aim of Hanami was originally to appreciate the beautiful blossoms, now it is

  • more of a chance to eat, drink and be merry with friends

  • in fact there is a saying hana yori dango which means dumplings rather than flowers which

  • expresses just that!

  • I asked a few people what it is that they like about hanami.

  • (interviews)

  • It's pretty simple to do some flower viewing. All you need is a plastic sheet, some food and

  • drink, and a few friends. Once you have found a spot to place your plastic sheet you can

  • sit down and get on with the party.

  • During hanami season lots of food and game stores pop up at popular hanami spots like

  • Gappo Park.

  • We found ourselves a good spot here so now we are going to do some hanami.

  • In Aomori the hanami usually starts around the first week of May however this year it

  • has come a bit early.

  • There are a few things that Aomori does differently when it comes to hanami and most of it has

  • to do with food. While the most popular snacks for hanami across Japan is either onigiri or

  • dumplings, over in Aomori, yakitori is the food of choice. Other local specialties enjoyed

  • during the hanami season are chirin chirin ice cream a cute ice cream named after the

  • sound that the bells on the cart make and ame senbei, a type rice cracker filled with

  • a sweet treacle like filling.

  • One of the unique things about Gappo park is it has its own beach, so you can enjoy

  • flower viewing only a stone's throw away from seashore.

  • Gappo kouen is probably the best place to do flower viewing in Aomori city. The cherry

  • trees are really pretty and there is a great festival atmosphere. But ultimately it doesn't

  • matter where you go for flower viewing as long as you have great food and good company.

  • I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please check out our other videos and like, comment

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We are here in Gappo Koen in Aomori City to do some Hanami.

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Hanami in Aomori City, Japan

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    Kana kawai posted on 2018/03/12
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