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My name is Jennifer Lawrence and I'm going undercover on the Internet.
This is actually me.
Let's start with
Why are there so many pictures of Jennifer Lawrence showing the middle finger?
Cuz I'm an asshole.
How can I get a date with Jennifer Lawrence?
Honestly, just ask me.
I have not been touched by a man in a very long time.
Is Jennifer Lawrence becoming a chameleon like Meryl Streep?
No, absolutely not. I don't have the talent threshold.
what are a few of the best Jennifer Lawrence memes?
I have no way of knowing.
I would I would rather die than watch a meme with myself.
How would you describe Jennifer Lawrence in one word?
Nice, I'm nice, right? Okay.
Which Jennifer Lawrence items should I get a hardcore fan for Christmas?
Katniss Barbie, right?
Are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence dating?
No, but I'm not super excited to shut that rumor down.
Yes it's me, you know.
Lawrence says that she finds acting quote stupid and does not believe in being quote cocky about her success.
As a role model to young people, she tries to be careful with her words.
Well, I think that we all know that that's not true, so we can just delete that.
Never really made it there.
Lawrence said that she knew from an early age that she would be famous.
Just delete that I'm never drinking in an interview ever again.
I don't know why I said that and that quote has been haunting me for my whole life, so just delete.
Sign in at
Does Jennifer Lawrence who starred in "hungry" games speak in Russian?
No, I don't do that.
Do you think it's a coincidence that Reggie Bush's wife looks just like you?
I don't.
Can Jennifer Lawrence have her own talk show already?
I'm honestly not good enough, it was only because it was Kim.
I wouldn't be good at that.
I like Jennifer Lawrence but she always seems drunk.
Well, I'm not ever drunk when I'm working. On the weekends, maybe.
I think that's probably just be reacting to nervousness.
I feel like Jennifer Lawrence is that one best friend who just walks into your house, eat your food right out of your fridge, tries on your clothes and drinks all your wine.
Yeah, that's pretty right, yep.
Jennifer's first pet was a schnauzer named Ozzie.
He hated Jennifer and her family so much that he never wanted to be in the same room as them.
As irrelevant as that may be it's absolutely true.
Ozzie hated us.
You know how dogs normally like to stay in the room where people circulate the most.
He always stayed in the opposite room.
How does Jennifer Lawrence even exist?
Are we sure she's a real human?
I don't know how to respond to that.
I can assure you (that) I'm all too real, unfortunately.
Why doesn't Jennifer Lawrence have Twitter?
Does she not realize how amazing her tweets would be.
If I knew how to hook my phone up to Wi-Fi, then that would be a different conversation.
Is it me or does she look like a Hungarian Jennifer Lawrence?
I guess she kind of looks like me, yeah.
Was Jennifer Lawrence naked with body makeup in the x-men movies or was it a skintight suit?
It was both, for the first movie I was naked with body paint.
And for the last three, I've had a suit.
How does Jennifer Lawrence not know what a 3D printer is?
I have no idea what a 3D printer is.
The idea of that and what somebody tried to explain to me like blows my mind that they could exist.
It makes no sense.
Trade mark, Slightly husky voice, mm-hmm.
Witty sense of humor, That's nice.
Often works with David O. Russell and Bradley Cooper.
Umm, not careful with what she says, kind of a mess but overall, pretty nice lady.
That was me the entire time, the accounts for me.
I drank for eight hours.
Well doesn't look good.
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Jennifer Lawrence Goes Undercover on Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter | Actually Me | GQ

24010 Folder Collection
Kate Chang published on March 6, 2019    Kate Chang translated    jenny reviewed
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