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  • We are drowning in news.

  • Reuters alone puts out

  • three and a half million news stories a year.

  • That's just one source.

  • My question is: How many of those stories

  • are actually going to matter in the long run?

  • That's the idea behind The Long News.

  • It's a project by The Long Now Foundation,

  • which was founded by TEDsters including

  • Kevin Kelly and Stewart Brand.

  • And what we're looking for is news stories that might still matter

  • 50 or 100 or 10,000 years from now.

  • And when you look at the news through that filter,

  • a lot falls by the wayside.

  • To take the top stories from the A.P. this last year,

  • is this going to matter in a decade?

  • Or this?

  • Or this?

  • Really?

  • Is this going to matter in 50 or 100 years?

  • Okay, that was kind of cool.

  • (Laughter)

  • But the top story of this past year was the economy,

  • and I'm just betting that, sooner or later,

  • this particular recession is going to be old news.

  • So, what kind of stories might

  • make a difference for the future?

  • Well, let's take science.

  • Someday, little robots will go

  • through our bloodstreams fixing things.

  • That someday is already here if you're a mouse.

  • Some recent stories:

  • nanobees zap tumors with real bee venom;

  • they're sending genes into the brain;

  • a robot they built that can crawl through the human body.

  • What about resources? How are we going to feed nine billion people?

  • We're having trouble feeding six billion today.

  • As we heard yesterday, there's over a billion people hungry.

  • Britain will starve without genetically modified crops.

  • Bill Gates, fortunately, has bet a billion on [agricultural] research.

  • What about global politics?

  • The world's going to be very different when and if China sets the agenda,

  • and they may.

  • They've overtaken the U.S. as the world's biggest car market,

  • they've overtaken Germany as the largest exporter,

  • and they've started doing DNA tests on kids

  • to choose their careers.

  • We're finding all kinds of ways to push back the limits of what we know.

  • Some recent discoveries:

  • There's an ant colony from Argentina that has now

  • spread to every continent but Antarctica;

  • there's a self-directed robot scientist that's made a discovery --

  • soon, science may no longer need us,

  • and life may no longer need us either;

  • a microbe wakes up after 120,000 years.

  • It seems that with or without us,

  • life will go on.

  • But my pick for the top Long News story of this past year

  • was this one: water found on the moon.

  • Makes it a lot easier to put a colony up there.

  • And if NASA doesn't do it, China might,

  • or somebody in this room might write a big check.

  • My point is this:

  • In the long run, some news stories

  • are more important than others.

  • (Applause)

We are drowning in news.

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