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Who is that?
That is uh, Marie.
My ex.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the opening match of running into your ex-girlfriend while with your new girlfriend at a house party.
It's going to take a lot of grace and balance for Ally to navigate through the feelings of her ex-girlfriend
while not making her new girlfriend feel weird or shitty.
That's right, Left, now before we hop in, let's take a look at our recap.
Now this is the first time Ally and Marie have seen each other since they broke up nine months ago.
And Ally and Claire got in a fight last night, so Ally's still recovering from injury.
Oh boy, I just hope she can recover from her poor performance last season.
We used to fuck each other.
Now you don't want to see that from anyone, least of all from this bright up and comer.
Now for those of you watching at home, you'll have live scores on the bottom of your screen.
Hey. Oh my God where you
Yeah, you see how she's walking away from her there?
That's a deduction.
So good to see you.
Oh, Ally's showing great form with the platonic side hug there.
That'll give her some points back.
I'll say.
You look great.
Now let's see how Ally handles a compliment.
Oh, oh thanks, yeah.
Uh, I've been working out.
Oh boy.
Now maybe you can beat up that shitty bartender at El Churros.
Yeah, maybe then we'd finally get our guacamole.
Oh no.
This is not good, folks.
Ally is severely in the red.
Not to mention, she still hasn't introduced Claire.
Hey, I'm Claire.
Claire had to introduce herself!
Yeah, sorry, Claire, this is Marie.
Marie, Claire.
God all mighty, this will be nearly impossible to come back from.
Nice to meet you.
Um, how do you two know each other?
Make or break moment here.
Uh, we are dating.
This is my girlfriend.
When you see the word girlfriend, that's a plus, right?
Wow, that's great.
Yeah, it is great. It's been really great.
We're in a real stalemate here, folks.
Ally's going to have to pull off a real conversational Hail Mary to get herself out of this one.
Claire has a really cute cat.
Yeah, her name's Ursula, she's actually so cute.
I'll just get her picture.
You hate cats, Ally.
Oh, no.
No, I hate some cats.
But doesn't everybody...
Remember that time that you threw water on the cat that wouldn't leave your doorstep?
Somebody's got to stop it.
I thought it was a Lynx.
Why would there be a Lynx in Los Felix?
I don't know.
That doesn't make any sense.
No coming back from that.
Would you pour water on this precious angel?
I would ne, honestly, babe, I would never.
I would not touch that cat.
We don't have to talk about this tonight.
And it's light's out!
Oh, you gotta wonder why Ally would sabotage herself that way.
By being nice to Marie?
She was a huge part of her life for two years.
But the past is the past.
So what, she's just supposed to pretend like she doesn't exist?
Come on, it's more complicated than that.
Don't try to explain complicated to me, Rick.
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Running Into Your Ex

6621 Folder Collection
Carol Chen published on March 22, 2018    Carol Chen translated    jenny reviewed
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