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And sometimes you see something.
Once you've clicked it.
You die.
The Doctor: Clara Oswald? Clara: Who are you?
The Doctor: The Doctor. No? The Doctor?
Clara: Are you guarding me? The Doctor: Well... . Yes, yes I am.
The Doctor: Suppose there was something living in the Wi-Fi, harvesting human minds. Extracting them.
The Doctor: I'm going to end this today.
The Doctor: You, me. (police)Box. Now.
The Doctor: I'm the Doctor, I'm an alien from outerspace, I'm a thousand years old, I've got two hearts and I can't fly a plane. Can you?
Clara: No. The Doctor: Oh, fine, well. Let's do it together.
Clara: You don't have a plan? The Doctor: Oh, you know what I always say about plans.
Clara: What? The Doctor: I don't have one.
Clara: People always have plans.
The Doctor: Do you know? I never realised how much I enjoyed hearing that said outloud, thank you.
Clara: Okay. The Doctor: Ay, no. Clara!
The Doctor: All of time and space, right outside those doors.
Man: The building is in lockdown. I'm afraid you're not coming in.
The Doctor: Did you even hear the word 'Ani-Grav'?
Monk 1: Is that her? Monk 2: The woman twice dead, and her final message.
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Doctor Who: "The Bells of Saint John" - Alternate BBC One Trailer (HD)

3591 Folder Collection
李欣倩 published on September 6, 2013    Kikawa translated
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