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Hello I'm Ivan and this week I tested 3d printing on fabrics with ABS. I've got an
old t-shirt and I fixed it on the building plate. Loaded a spool of ABS
and applied the following settings: no bottom layers, one outline, 100% infill,
two layers. I didn't heat the bed but I increased the hotend temperature to 255 C
hoping the ABS will better penetrate the fabrics. First I printed our company logo.
It consists in nine solid characters, so it was an easy print. It took around 2
minutes - well there are only two layers.
It came out nice and solidly sticked to the fabrics.
Then I tested a larger and more complex print like the Sting's signature. After the
first layer there was some displacement of the shirt on the x-axis but I
continued with the second layer and the end result was very ok
I don't know whether those will survive the washing machine but it survived this...
so 3d printing on fabrics could be a nice technique to make an original
t-shirt for an event and make an impression. Thanks for watching.
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3d print on tshirt

150 Folder Collection
瑾萱 published on March 6, 2018
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