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17 games are set to release this April 2018
on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS Vita

and the Switch.
Let's check them out right now!
Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire
The sequel to the multi-award winning RPG
takes you to greater heights in the vast unexplored

archipelago of Deadfire.
Obsidian Entertainment takes it even further
with their immersive single-player RPG experience.

Craft your own character and gain total freedom
of exploration in this treacherous region.

Choose from a wide variety of companions and
watch their unique relationships and interactions

with each chapter.
Inspired by classic D&D gameplay, witness
its foundations by creating your very own

adventure where choices really matter.
It's set to release on the PC this April

Penny Punching Princess
Money talks in this upcoming beat 'em up
game from NiS.

In a world where capitalism is at its peak,
lead a princess in her quest to beat down

every evil creature she can find as long as
she has the money.

This features a unique gameplay element that
involves money.

Break the rules of conventional RPG by bribing
the game itself.

Game over?
Just pay for it with your hard-earned cash.
Money makes the world go round, brother.
It's coming to the Nintendo Switch this
April 3rd.

Urban Trial Playground
It might not have the most amount of sports
games, but Urban Trial Playground is Nintendo's

solution to that void.
This physics-based stunt bike racer is a Switch
exclusive that takes you to the sunny beaches

of California.
It's a mix of speed, balance, and style.
Roam around the sun soaked open playground
and perform the raddest trick and stunts for

greater scores.
Pick from its different game modes, and become
the ultimate adrenaline champion with those

sweet freestyle moves.
Coming this April 5.
Iron Galaxy's latest game is set in a dying
world where humanity is ravaged by 150-tall

Be one of the world's last Sentinels and
defend the human race from extinction.

To put it simply, it's like Attack on Titan,
but with ogres.

Gameplay involves wall-running and intense
air assaults that require skills.

Master its dynamic combat maneuvers to effectively
take down these colossal figures and find

their weak spots.
Not much details are revealed yet, but it's
obviously inspired from Attack On Titan.

Coming to the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation
4 this April 10.

Rick And Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality
After its release on the Oculus and HTC Vive,
the PlayStation VR gets to taste the Rick

and Morty VR game.
It's a ridiculous adventure as these dynamic
duo go about their usual science shenanigans

and tomfoolery… in 3D.
Created by the developers behind Job Simulator,
expect nothing but stupid stuff in this one.

Solve puzzles, complete missions or just mess
around with the game.

Help Rick with his bizarre experiments, and
try not to destroy Planet Earth this time.

Coming this April 10.
We Happy Few
With its upcoming move away from Early Access
on the PC this Summer, the Xbox One gets to

experience the dystopian horrors of this open-world
survival game.

Set during an alternate 1960's England,
the world is obsessed with Joy all because

of a mysterious drug.
Your role is to blend in with the crowd after
you realized everything is not what it is.

Escape from the clutches of the deluded mob
and discover the dark history of this retrofuturistic

It's weird and wacky, but it never strays
away from its horror themes.

It's set to release this April 13th.
Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life
The seventh main entry of the acclaimed Yakuza

This action-adventure story takes you once
again to a fictional open-world Japan alongside

their signature arcade goodness and over the
top combat.

Kazuma returns as the series' main protagonist
and the story gets more intense than ever.

Witness the drama inside Japan's criminal
underworld with flashy visuals, snazzy gameplay

and a rewarding exploration element while
you roam around the land of the Rising Sun.

It's set to release on April 17 as a PlayStation
4 exclusive.

Total War Saga: Thrones Of Britannia
Continuing their huge real-time battles, Creative
Assembly's latest game takes you to the

war between the Anglo-Saxons, Gaelic Clans
and Vikings during the year 878 AD.

Decide what Kingdom to build, and dominate
the battlefield with its deep Real-Time Strategy

Choose your strategy to explore and conquer
the British Isles.

This massive game includes ten playable factions
from five cultures.

Lead your army and prepare to wage war once
the game releases this April 19 on the PC.

God Of War
After the events of the first game, our Greek
Demigod goes off course to the realm of Norse

Sony's latest entry to their brooding anti-hero
takes you to the land of Valkyries and Frost

This time, roam around treacherous passes
with your son, Atreus.

Together they must survive against waves and
waves of mythological creatures.

Featuring a whole new over the shoulder camera,
combat is more intense than ever.

It's coming this April 20 as a PlayStation
4 exclusive.

Nintendo LABO Variety Kit
Nintendo's latest innovation is nearing
its release.

This variety kit contains a collection of
five different projects to make, play and

This includes LABO Racing, Fishing, House,
Motorbike and Piano.

Each project aims to create a wonderful and
unique childlike experience for all ages.

Of course it comes with the physical LABO

All you have to do is assemble the LABO cardboard
and play at your heart's content.

Coming this April 20 on the Switch.
Nintendo LABO Robot Kit
Also releasing alongside the Variety Kit comes
a bigger and badder version of Nintendo's

LABO experience.
Toy-Con #2 is a much pricier version compared
to the first one, but it does pack an epic

package that fills you with robotic glory.
Build a massive backpack and visor that lets
you control your huge on-screen robot.

When connected to the Switch, smash buildings,
fly, and transform into a tank.

Follow the game's guide and unleash destruction
with your mechanized warhead.

Coming this April 20.
Marvel Powers United VR
Unleash the inner hero within you and enjoy
this immersive virtual reality experience

from MARVEL.
This Oculus Exclusive fills you with superpowered
fun as you pick from a wide array of characters

from the MARVEL Universe.
Play as Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel
and more.

Suit up and get ready to engage in fun and
explosive fights!

Players can also play with a friend in its
co-op mode.

Team up and feel the power of the Oculus Rift.
Coming this April 20 on the PC.
Megadimension Neptunia VIIR
A remake of the original Megadimension Neptunia

Enter the Zero Dimension and fulfill your
role as the player to intervene the crisis

of Gamindustri.
Story aside, the waifus go full 3D as the
game is a fully realized Virtual Reality experience.

Wear your PSVR and interact with the Goddesses.
The entire game is a mix of combat and relaxation.
It's gameplay is renovated for the VR with
deep strategy and resource-management involved.

Transform into powerful beings and take control
of various characters in this digital universe.

Coming this April 24 on the PlayStation 4.
Breaking away from the chains of the mobile
industry, this rhythm game is coming to the

PM Studios' graceful rhythm experience entrances
you with more than 50 songs to choose from.

Stretch those fingers and jam through the
game's gorgeous and catchy tunes.

Test your rhythm with using the Switch's
simple touching controls.

Pick from various genres such as pop, rock,
R&B and so much more.

It's coming this April 24.
Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption
At this point, any game set in a dark fantasy
world filled with difficult bosses is a Souls-like

DARK STAR creates a brutal indie action game
that challenges players in reflexes and skill.

Rise from the depths of a crumbling kingdom
and challenge a legion of demonic bosses.

Guide the main protagonist Adam in his quest
to retrieve his memory and bring peace to

tortured souls.
Face a series of increasingly difficult trials
and prove your might.

Equip a plethora of weapons and weave through
its mix of gothic anime and horror elements.

Coming this April 25.
A Virtual Reality game that challenges you
to fulfill your destiny by embarking on a

grand adventure seeking fame, fortune and

Choose from 6 of the nations firstborn and
prove their worth in an epic quest of survival.

Protect your kingdom with your life and master
the trade of archery, sword fighting and jousting

in Virtual Reality.
Explore its massive world with 36 islands
to go to.

It's set to release sometime this April
on the PC.

The King Of Fighters '97 Global Match
The latest of SNK's port to the modern consoles.
Straight from 1997, enjoy the series' “Orochi”
story arc and engage in fun 3 versus 3 fighting

Players will also be able to play with players

Apparently, not much details were revealed
as of the moment but there will be new features

that could make the fighting experience better.
Coming sometime this April 2018 on the PlayStation
4 and PlayStation Vita.

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17 Upcoming Games of April 2018 | PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita

344 Folder Collection
張仕昌 published on March 5, 2018
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