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Hello everyone, Jacky here.
Today I'm gonna be teaching you guys how to make a proper response in English
There's no doubt that the most important thing in a language is to respond.
Response is not just an indiction of knowing the other person is actually listening,
but also a respect to the person who is having the conversation.
Then let's jump right into these top three ways of response.
First, indicating listening.
Then here you can say,
I see
Equivalent to I understand,
Or you can say,
I believe this is the most universal response.
Lastly, rhetorical response.
What does it mean exactly?
For example
I just got outta the shower.
Oh~You did?
It's mostly just asking, not intentionally.
Indicating agreeing
You can say,
I know right
Literally, it means I understand or feel you.
Yet, we simply just explained it as an agreement.
Tell me about it
It basically corresponds to meaning of "I know right."
But you probably get kind of confused by the wording
Doesn't "Tell me about it" mean, tell me about something that happen or anything?
There's definitely no mistake being made.
However, in this case, it simply means agreeing on what being said.
Being said, there's no need to add anything after saying "Tell me about it."
So don't make a fool of yourself by actually tell someone about it.
Right and Yeah
They basically just mean "Yes."
It's fairly understandable.
Third, indicating being surprise.
You can say,
For real
You can also say,
The meaning of those three are mostly the same
Last usage
is simply to contra....
is simply to contradict the statement being made.
What does it mean?
For instance,
I got a car for my birthday gift.
No, you didn't.
In fact, those usages express a sense of surprise and not believing.
How teen would say it is,
After the talk, let's get right into
The skit.
Remember back then....
Actually, I used "Yeah" very often, comparing to other words.
Just cause it's really versatile.
To be honest, it was quite awkward that all I respond was "Yeah" in particular.
Moreover, it's just seems pretty tedious.
By using more and more responses,
it makes your conversation more...
it makes your conversation more like Japa..
Like American!
And more fluent and native.
If you like this video, please drop a like down below.
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I'll see you guys next time!
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17 : How to respond in English

1418 Folder Collection
林世音 published on March 4, 2018
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