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  • Do you know what Joe & The Juice is?

  • It's like a sandwich and juice spot.

  • I went to the bathroom and I was peeing, and I could just hear the low-end of this song

  • and it just kinda had this really, really cool groove that made me want to strut.

  • So I Shazamed the song, don't remember what it is, took it into the studio and we used

  • the BPM of that song and a similar kick pattern.

  • It immediately started to feel really really good.

  • We kept going and I was writing with my best friend.

  • His name is Leland.

  • It's about meeting someone, being really into them, but maybe you are meeting them

  • at the wrong time and you're both denying the fact that you're into it and that it's

  • happening.

  • But it's happening.

  • There they are shining so beautifully, this crazy diamond.

  • You're saying, "Don't make me wait another day."

  • You're like, "Let's do this" kind of thing.

  • You're kind of coaxing them into letting this happen.

  • “'Cause passion is passion and you know it just as well as me.”

  • It's like I can feel this and I'm pretty sure you can feel this too, so what are we waiting for?

  • I think love is a very scary thing.

  • Especially if you're not sure yet if the other person loves you back.

  • It's a really scary place to be in.

  • As exciting as it is there's a lot of vulnerability in it and for me with this song, it was a

  • bad time. It was a really bad time.

  • But, what can you do?

  • It's the kind of thing where like, every little touch feels like electricity or something.

  • The night I was picturing when we were writing this song, I remember being led through a

  • bar with my hand and he was pulling me.

  • I was just like, "Oh my God."

  • He never had a buzzcut.

  • That's purely poetic license, I think.

  • I didn't do that on purpose.

  • It's just a thing that happens when you're making out with someone.

  • It kind of sounds bad now that I think about it.

  • With the bridge I think it was important for me to have a kind of more real or more vulnerable

  • moment, you know?

  • The chorus is this super anthemic big chorus and I wanted to really strip things back for

  • the bridge.

  • It's kind of like once you've got it, the convincing is done, the experience has happened

  • and you're with that person and just thinking, "I never want this to end."

  • This should be the last night ever that we have to go our separate ways at the end of

  • this, you know what I mean?

  • We should just be together.

Do you know what Joe & The Juice is?

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