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  • Hey baby I hear the blues are calling, tossed salads and scrambled eggs.

  • Hey, what's up guys? Welcome back to Binging with Babish.

  • I want to thank you all very much for participating in the Reddit AMA last week.

  • So, this week, I'm going to be recreating the top voted suggestion which was, Ratatouille.

  • Now, I've been told by some very emphatic commenters that this is not real ratatouille. This is something called Confit Byaldi, which is sort of like a modern spin on ratatouille.

  • So we're going to start off by blanching some tomatoes for about 30 seconds until the skin start to peel.

  • And then we're going to peel them before roasting some peppers: yellow, orange, and red.

  • Or just red, who cares.

  • Char on all sides over an open flame until blackened.

  • Make sure to use metal tongs, not plastic ones like me. I'm being stupid right now.

  • Cover the hot steaming pepper with some aluminum foil. Let them steam in their own steaminess for a few minutes.

  • This will help soften the peppers and make them a little bit easier to peel, which we're going to do right now.

  • Peel off all of the black stuff, and you're left with these beautiful roasted tri-colored peppers.

  • Which we're going to combine in a high powered blender with 3 Roma tomatoes, a few sprigs of parsley, 2 whole garlic cloves, a few sprigs of picked thyme leaves, a quarter of a white onion,

  • and a little bit of vegetable's stock that we're going to pour in as the blender is running.

  • Oop -- a little bit of olive oil before I forget.

  • Now I don't wanna discolor the mixture too much so I'm also going to use a bit of hot water before pressing the vegetables down into the blender and creating sort of like a roasted red pepper soup.

  • The cool thing about high powered blenders is that it actually cooks the mixture if you let it run at high speed long enough.

  • Now it's time to create those famous shingles of sliced vegetables.

  • We need to use a very very sharp knife on the tomatoes to create thin little slices, and then use a mandolin to make life a little easier with one yellow and one green squash.

  • And then my mandolin kinda sucks, so I'm going to slice my eggplant my hand.

  • Chop a little bit of fresh rosemary to sprinkle over top before spreading a thin even layer of our roasted red pepper sauce on the bottom of a rectangular or oval roaster.

  • Now we're going to start shingling vegetables, alternating in a pattern across the bottom of the dish.

  • Now, this is my first crack and I cut the vegetables a little bit too thick and stacked a little bit too far apart.

  • We'll revisit that later. For now, drizzle a little bit of olive oil across the top of the vegetables, season with salt, freshly ground pepper, and our finely chopped fresh rosemary

  • before topping with a sheet of parchment paper that we cut to the shape of our baking dish, and placing in a 225 degree oven for about 90 minutes until it comes out looking like this.

  • Now this tasted really good, but for that Pixar-style plating, we need thinner vegetables stacked closer together, cooked for less time, like so.

  • Into a ring mold we are going to stack some vegetables vertically then horizontally, like so.

  • Lift off a little bit slower than necessary for a dramatic effect, swirl some olive oil and leftover red pepper sauce around the outside,

  • along with some fresh picked parsley leaves and let's see if this is good enough to save a restaurant from an evil reviewer.

  • Ok guys, first things first.

  • Just bring one fried egg to the party.

  • Steaming hot!

  • Flip!

  • I need to go use bathroom.

  • Whoa, whoa, ok, what was in that ratatouille?

  • Just vegetables, I think. Ok.

  • Whoops and I forgotmy's single chive garnish over top, my bad.

  • Hang on, let's see if I can remember what happened to my hamster when I was 5....

Hey baby I hear the blues are calling, tossed salads and scrambled eggs.

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