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(gentle bright music)
- People think fat people never get off the couch
and people think that fat people sit around eating all day.
My mission is to challenge people's assumptions
about fat people.
(gentle piano music)
I'm Mirna Valerio, and I'm a runner.
I've been running long distance for about eight years.
I've done nine marathons and 10 ultra-marathons
with my longest being 100K.
Traditionally, trail races and other outdoor events
have not always been welcoming to people like me.
I'm black, I'm a woman, and I'm fat.
When I go to a race, I know I'm breaking the mold.
It's still very white and very male.
So I know going in that I'm going to be different.
(soft piano music)
10 years ago I lived a very stressful life,
and so that took a huge toll on my health.
I consulted with a doctor who told me
that I needed to change my lifestyle pretty drastically
if I wanted to see my son grow up, so I did.
I'd had some experiences with people
always making the assumption that whatever I was doing
it was for weight loss.
After a couple of years,
it was not a weight loss thing anymore;
it's about fitness.
Running makes me feel like
my most human self.
My first mile was pretty awful.
It was painful, it was slow.
When I'm feeling like this is really too difficult,
I know that in the end I'm doing it for a reason.
There's always a larger reason.
The end goal not always only being to finish,
but the more important thing is that I'm out there
because sometimes I come in last.
It's amazing to me how many messages I get
on a daily basis saying,
"Thank you for being you,
"thank you for living in your own space
"and taking up space, and not being afraid to do that
"because that has allowed me to do that."
I'm gonna continue doing it because I think
people still need to see me.
(dramatic music)
(chime dings)
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Breaking Stereotypes With an Ultramarathoner

6829 Folder Collection
Samuel published on April 23, 2018    Julie Tu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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