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  • I get what I want and if you are a no,

  • I'm just gonna climb over you and find my yes.

  • The best advice that I would have to pass to the next generation of women,

  • and as I'm still learning it myself is to trust your gut and your light.

  • And don't dim your light for anybody.

  • And no matter how many nos you get,

  • you look in the mirror and you tell yourself, "yes I can."

  • And you continue to push forward no matter what.

  • That's what I have to say. - Absolutely.

  • Pay no attention to no.

  • I pay no attention to no at all.

  • In fact, if you let me tell it, I've never heard no.

  • I've never heard no.

  • To not let anyone break your spirit.

  • To try to remove the self-doubt as early as you can.

  • To support other women, to surround yourself with mentors, to seek out the smartest people in the room to be your mentors.

  • To listen, to learn, to stay hungry, and to take every opportunity you can.

  • To believe that you can do it.

  • And not do it ever in an inquiry way.

  • Don't be a woman trying to be a man in a man's world.

  • Like, be a sister, lift your other, like, fellow girls up.

  • Be all about girl power and just believe in yourself.

  • Resist, resist, and your voice does matter.

  • Someone once told me when I got my job on the Today Show,

  • he said, today you could be drinking the wine, tomorrow you could be picking the grapes.

  • I think success comes and goes and you have high points and low points in your career,

  • and I think it's really important how you treat people.

  • Because the same people who help you up are going to catch you when you fall.

  • Kindness and compassion should go hand in hand with ambition and drive.

  • To trust yourself.

  • To get grounded in your beliefs.

  • And to not doubt yourself.

  • Believe in yourself to go forward and to try to bring your belief system to the world.

  • I wish someone had said to me, don't settle for less.

  • Or if they said that to me, I wish I would have believed it.

  • Because it's true.

I get what I want and if you are a no,

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Inspiring Women Share Their Advice For The Next Generation

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