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  • The U.S. government spends about

  • $5 billion a year on energy research.

  • I decided that looking at what we spend on gasoline

  • might be an interesting comparison

  • to see how serious we are about energy research.

  • We take the number of cars on the road: 250 million cars.

  • You probably fill up every 10 days or so.

  • We've got 25 million fill-ups per day.

  • Now let's say your car holds 13 gallons.

  • That's 325 million gallons every day.

  • The price has been going down but still about $2.50.

  • And so we get about $813 million per day on gasoline.

  • Multiply by 7 and we get close to $6 billion.

  • The actual number is about $6.4 billion so this is very close.

  • But the result is pretty stunning.

  • We spend more in a week on gasoline here than we spend

  • on the entire energy research budget.

The U.S. government spends about

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