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Hi everyone! I'm Charlene from BBC Learning English.
Today is day seven of the winter Olympics
in South Korea and we've already seen some
spectacular performances in snowboarding,
ice-skating and lots of other fantastic winter sports.
With lots more sporting action to come,
everybody's talking about it,
and I'm asking three questions to find out the actual
words people are saying. Question one.
How are you enjoying the Winter Olympics?
I'm enjoying them very much indeed - they're very
interesting, and I really, really, really am enjoying it.
Yes - I've not seen too much of it, but what I have seen
has been pretty spectacular.
I mean I haven't really been keeping up with the Winter
Olympics this year but I do think it's good
for in terms of sportsmanship and
political impacts this year especially.
What's been the most stand-out moment for you so far?
I would have to say it was the opening ceremony,
you know, when you kind of see all the countries
kind of like marching together ... there's no conflict,
it's like everyone's just trying to get along together.
Oh it's the amazing jumps that the skiers make,
when they've skied very fast up or down
one of their slopes, then they jump off the top,
and you think they're going up to heaven actually.
Do you think the Winter Olympics has an impact
beyond sport?
I don't know - maybe it's becoming kind of ...
it's weakening as an interest
and the media should push more and more to, to
you know, to awake the interest in the broader,
broader audience. That's what I think.
With what they've done to the Russian athletes
as well, I think they've made it a bit
too political and they've taken the sport out of it,
in my opinion.
That's a difficult one; I really don't know
... I just want Britain to win, always!
So there you go: Everybody's talking about
Winter Olympics and now you can too!
There's a recap coming up in just a second -
before I go don't forget you can find lots more about
this topic at BBC Learning English dot com,
you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram and YouTube - and get talking!
See you next time!
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Everybody's Talking About... #WinterOlympics

136 Folder Collection
Samuel published on February 27, 2018
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